Meet the One Million Strong- LaRisha Baker from Oregon


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Meet LaRisha

Family Member/Friend of Patient Portland, Oregon

LaRisha's Story

My first visit to Call on Congress was in 2009 after losing my daddy to colon cancer in 2008. My daddy was diagnosed with late stage IV colon cancer just ten months before his passing at the age of 56. I was on a mission to find more information about the cancer that took my daddy, and wanted to have a better understanding of the information that I did not understand during my daddy's diagnosis. My sisters and I came across an upcoming conference on the web, “Call-On Congress.” We decided to attend and have been hooked ever since. We have met some of the most courageous, strong, loving and phenomenal people. After our first time attending, we were so eager to share what we learned. When we returned home and we shared the presentation about our experience. One conference and presentation eventually led to full-on advocacy program in our home town of Portland, OR. This year was be my ninth year attending Call-On Congress.

LaRisha's Advice

Share your story - you could be reason someone lives a longer life.