Meet the One Million Strong- Lee Stead from Texas


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Meet Lee

Patient / Survivor Wylie, Texas

Lee's Story

In mid-October 2007 I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. After undergoing a long stretch of radiation and chemo, I had a radical life-altering surgery and became an ostomate with a colostomy! Then had another round of chemo, and after five years the cancer metastasized to my lower left lung. In 2012 had another surgery and had a lower-left lobectomy. Then I had chemo for a third time. In 2014, had a blockage of some sort, and was in the hospital for eight-and-a-half weeks. I then had an opportunity for yet another life-altering surgery, which became a chance to learn to walk again. For many years now I have worked with fellow Ostomates (through UOAA Chapter) in the DFW area, regardless of their hospital, or care, or lack thereof. Since I have been so blessed to be a survivor, it is my way of giving back! There is a Dallas and Plano Chapter, as well a new one in the Carrollton area. The Fort Worth area has also maintained a group for many years. If we can help some someone in the Metroplex just let us know! Wishing the best of everything to one and all!

Lee's Advice

You can beat it.

2 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Lee Stead from Texas

  1. So good to read your story! I have stage IV and 4 metastasis in my right lung, so chemotherapy is the only thing they can offer me.. pallative. But I hope there will be some other treatments in the near future, so that I also can survive this/have a longer life, seeing my two kids grow up! Best luck for you, and warm regards, from Christine, Oslo, Norway.

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