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Linda Kroll, Survivor

Chicago, Illinois


My ulcerative colitis had been in remission for years, and I was lulled into a false sense of security. When my (belated) routine colonoscopy found an aggressive tumor in my cecum, 12 inches of my ascending colon were removed two weeks ago, along with all of the cancer. I am blessed and grateful beyond words. I want to pay forward my second chance on life and encourage everyone to book your colonoscopy TODAY!

It's a painless exam that will save your life! (If you run a mint over your tongue when you're prepping for it, it can even be an easier prep!)

No one believes cancer will happen to them. I didn't wonder why, but rather "what am I to learn". Cancer is helping me to reevaluate my life, re-arrange my priorities and truly focus on the need for exquisite self care.

I kept putting off my test because I was trying to finish a project and then focus on myself. There is nothing more important than getting tested. Colon cancer is totally preventable with the right screening. If my story can motivate one person to pick up the phone right now – it may save another life. We are all angels and guides for each other. Please save your own life today. You need to be here because you are divine!

I was surrounded by a loving matrix of concerned family and friends, for whom I'm forever grateful. My doctors are life-savers and the nurses were Angels of Mercy.

My surgery was done laparoscopically and my recovery is as good as it could be. When I found out it was Stage One, No lymph nodes and no chemo needed, I felt I had been gifted beyond my wildest dreams.

Cancer does not have to kill you, but it can. Please, please, please take care of your SELF so that you can live many more decades to offer your gifts and love to your families and to the world.

Sending much love and encouragement. May you be as lucky as I am.

With infinite love and gratitude – to my doctors, to my loved ones, and to G-d. Bless you – and please make that call NOW!


You can beat this! Get your screening, receive the love that surrounds you, and pay it forward in every way you can.


One Million Strong means there are countless individuals and families banding together to help spread the word about screening, prevention and care. I'm proud and grateful to join and serve.