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Omaha, Nebraska

Paul’s Story

I want to make an impact by discussing screening options to as many people as possible. Spreading the word about screening and this terrible disease will hopefully save someone’s life. Most importantly supporting research so that one day we find a cure.

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Paul has found healing though sharing his story. Fight with courage and share your story.

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4 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Paul Shadle from Nebraska

  1. Paul is my Nephew and Paul is an inspiration to all of us who are fighting cancer! We are praying for you Paul and your whole family! Stay Strong Paul, let your family stay strong who are supporting you with thoughts and prayers! Love You!

  2. Paul is my dad, this whole thing took us by surprise almost 2 years ago now. Changed all of our lives but my dad hasn’t given up everyday he fights and stays #shadeystrong! I wish for one day that nobody ever has to go through all these cancer survivors have to go through. Stay strong dad! And all of those fighting!

  3. Paul is my cousin!!! I’m so proud of him for staying strong, fighting hard, and spreading the word on cancer! His battle is encouraging to others and I know it’s help my husband and I through our own cancer battle!!! Standing by him to beat this cancer!!!!

  4. Paul is my son. And we, his mom and I, are very proud of him. He’s a fighter and refuses to give into this dreaded disease. Stay strong my son!!

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