Meet the One Million Strong- Roger Best from Missouri


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Meet Roger

Patient / Survivor Warrensburg, Missouri

Roger's Story

After a colonoscopy in Apr. 2015, the doctor informed me I had two large masses in my colon, and he felt confident at least one was cancerous. This was a bit surprising for me, since I was not yet 50 (normal screening age), and I had no family history of colon cancer. Over the next couple of weeks, it was confirmed; stage IVa with metastasis to my liver and an adrenal gland. Given the potential for blockage, I was scheduled for surgery. At the end of May 2015, just one month after my first-ever colonoscopy and following several weeks filled with scans (CT, PET, MRI) and other tests, 85 percent of my colon was removed. After five weeks of recovery, I started a standard chemo regimen and, following seven treatments, had a liver and adrenal gland resection surgery to remove diseased organs. Five more treatments post-surgery culminated in a CT scan Mar. 2016. Thanks to great medical care and the grace of God, the CT revealed no signs of cancer. I still have scars to prove my experience, but otherwise am living a healthy, normal life.

Roger's Advice

Winston Churchill said it best: "Never give up." A positive, determined attitude will carry you a long way. And, it also helps to have a good sense of humor about it all.