Meet the One Million Strong- Susan Caulfield from Massachusetts


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Meet Susan

Family Member/Friend of Patient

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Susan's Story

The three of us (myself and my two sons) just attended Call-On Congress for the fourth time, to carry on the work of my late husband (and Ben & Andy's dad) Randall Cox.

Randy was the one who got us involved in advocacy. He was diagnosed in 2011 with stage IV colon cancer, and he spent a lot of time during his remaining years working to educate others about the disease, and doing what he could to help. He attended Call-On Congress with us in 2014 and 2015, and passed away Apr. 2015.

Now we attend and advocate in his honor and memory.

Susan's Advice

Get involved to get support from others, and to help others.

Join the One Million Strong Community

If you’ve been impacted by colorectal cancer, we need you! Join us and use your experience, your story and your voice to create real change. Join the One Million Strong by sharing your story. Next, see all the ways you can do something about this disease and take steps to get connected with our community. Come fight with us.