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Meet Susan

Medical Professional South Lake Tahoe, California

Susan's Story

My mother died at 45 years old from colon cancer, in 1981. We had less diagnostics and awareness back then. Even today, in 2017, 20-25 percent of bowel preparations are inadequate for complete visualization of the bowel. I am a gastroenterology nurse that has designed a registered nurse continuing education program to share a tolerable and successful lavage bowel preparation method for colonoscopy. We have been using this method at Barton Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, CA, since 2011. Nurses anywhere can now offer this bowel prep in their facility. Patients that put off their screening colonoscopies are now self-navigating to make appointments. Colon cancer patients/survivors that have to do a colonoscopy every year now have another choice, because tolerability matters. HydroPrep began as an effort to assist prep-intolerant patients, but what we have found is that first-time colonoscopy patients are choosing this prep because it is an option. Patients care about their bodies and are informed. HydroPrep is an education program for nurses. I have no partnership with equipment or pharmaceutical companies. I have applied for non-profit status in 2017 to broaden my outreach, as I intend to raise awareness and perform clinical trials on this method to help patients now, and seed the future with a tool for other disease states such as chemotherapy-induced constipation. Clinical review article upon request. I also have written a proposal abstract for clinical trial, upon request.

Susan's Advice

Continue with your advised screening colonoscopy.