Meet Eric

Severna Park, Maryland

Eric’s Story

I was diagnosed with an anal fissure 9 years ago and recently started having similar symptoms. Since I was 47, my G.I. doctor didn’t seem too concerned and asked if I thought I wanted to have a colonoscopy.

Dealing with the symptoms off and on for several months, I was concerned and pushed to have the procedure as a baseline and to identify the issue and possibly get it fixed during the exam.

After my colonoscopy, I was waiting in the patient recovery room. I was expecting the doctor to find another fissure, or maybe a hemorrhoid. I was in complete shock when the doctor informed me that he discovered a tumor in my upper rectum and that he was 95% sure it was malignant.

I couldn’t even think at that moment, everything just seemed to stop, and I was numb.

This can’t be right, there must be some mistake, this can’t be happening to me were some of the thoughts that I had after hearing the doctor tell me about the tumor.

I have no family history, and I’m under 50.

I was referred to a colorectal surgeon, and after CT and MRI testing it was determined that my tumor was a stage 1B Adenocarcinoma and that it had not spread to any other organs. During my surgery, my surgeon removed about a foot of my colon and the upper half of my rectum, and post-surgery testing found no spread of cancer in any of the 22 lymph nodes removed.

It was recommended that I follow up with an oncologist, and he determined that there was no need for chemo or radiation therapy. I consider myself very fortunate in that I caught my cancer so early, and that I pushed my doctor to have myself tested.

Eric’s Advice

You know your body best. If something has changed in your eating, sleeping or bathroom routine, don’t hesitate, get it checked out.

2 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong – Eric Sherman from Maryland

  1. My situation was almost exactly like yours. I was diagnosed at 46 with stage 2a. No treatment just surgery. This year will be 7 years post surgery. Very lucky and continue to spread the word. Congrats and always listen to your body.

  2. Eric you are a true hero and a great advocate for early detection and advocating for yourself. Many people just trust others even though they have a ‘feeling’ that something is not right. We applaud your courage and wish you good health.

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