Meet the One Million Strong – Ginny Goddard


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Ginny-Goddard OMSHow do YOU define One Million Strong? To me, One Million Strong means victory. There are no words to describe the overwhelming sense of honor and respect when you see someone fighting for their life against such a ruthless disease. One Million Strong is a salute to colon cancer survivors who have faced their own mortality and fought like hell to get more time here on this earth. Where have you drawn strength? Several places. First and foremost, I’ve drawn my strength from my faith and my husband. I watched him face this disease through smiles, tears, laughter, anger and love. Even though he did not survive, I witnessed the strength he possessed and I know he would want me to be strong as I continue to live my life here without him. I’ve also drawn strength from the love and generosity that others have shown me, including my family, friends and even strangers, who have gone above and beyond to offer help in any way they can. Who is your champion? My champion is anyone and everyone who has fought cancer and helped another fight cancer. I’ve never found the right words to describe what my heart feels when I meet others who have gone through or are going through this journey. We can all be champions by helping others and we can all be advocates. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others? To patients – don’t give up hope and keep fighting. To caregivers – accept help from others and get rest when you can. It’s ok to take care of yourself. To survivors – share your stories of inspiration and know how much your strength means to others. To widows – you’re not alone, and though not easy, you’ll learn to live life again. To family/friends – do small things without asking; send a card; drop off a meal; mow the yard – it all helps. I AM an advocate. I AM a champion for this fight because I lost my husband to colorectal cancer. I AM STRONG! Want to share your story? Submit yours today!