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Jan-Plessner OMSHow do YOU define One Million Strong? One million is too large for me to get my head around. It just seems like a huge number. It’s hard to really get a grasp on the fact that there are one million colorectal cancer survivors! For me, having community means that I can pick up the phone and call someone for support. It means being able to ask questions. It means being able to share fears and success stories. Where have you drawn strength? I gather strength from information. The more knowledge I gained when Emily was diagnosed, the more confident I was that we could beat this thing called cancer.  When Dr. Daniel Ng explained everything and drew all over the colon and rectal diagram he uses…upside down, so we could understand everything, I knew Emily would be okay. We felt great about our medical team, the "Asian Trio" from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach: Ng (pronounced Ing) was the surgeon, Chen did the radiation and Fong was the Oncologist who administered the chemo.  We feel very fortunate to live in an area of the country with top-notch medical options and facilities. Who is your champion? Emily, for not only beating cancer, but for listening to her heart and coming out a stronger and more loving person in the end. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep asking until you are comfortable with your understanding of it all. I AM a caregiver and the #1 person in Emily’s support system. I AM someone who really wants to make a difference on Earth. I AM STRONG! Want to share your story? Submit yours today!