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Jennifer Irving, family member Orange County, California

Jennifer's Story

This past January, our world turned upside down when our dad (Tom, age 63) said the dreaded words that no family wants to ever hear.
“I have cancer.”
Time stood still. My heart pounded. And tears flowed. His next sentence, without hesitation, was, “but I WILL fight this, Jennifer!”  From the day my dad found out about his cancer, he would not allow it to win. Cancer has taken too many lives from our family – and colorectal cancer was one of those thieves. My dad has been a rock and cheerleader in my life.  I was going to support him and cheer him on to fight this battle like no other. Twelve years ago we lost our mom suddenly to heart disease -– and we were not going to lose him. The more research I did on my dad’s cancer, the more I saw the phrase, “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE.” I loved that. That was him. That was us. He fights, we fight. That is what we have always done as family and it didn't stop now. One afternoon I asked my dad to write “No one fights alone” on a piece of paper – he looked at me funny and did what I asked. A few weeks later I had that tattooed on my side in his hand writing with the blue colorectal support ribbon.  It’s a daily reminder that we are in this together! As a reminder that no one fights alone, our family (about 20 of us) participated in the Undy Run this year. It was an amazing bonding experience that we will never forget. We had t-shirts made that read, “TEAM Tommy (with a big colon symbol ( : ) in the middle) Saving Lives One Hinney at a Time.” In January 2015 he was diagnosed, and by March 2015 he had surgery to remove his rectum and colon. My dad now has an ileostomy bag. It’s a part of his life. For him, it was either battle through chemotherapy with the hope that the cancer wouldn’t return –- or remove it all and have this bag. Well, as my dad says, “Papa’s got a brand new bag,” (haha) and has been cancer-free for the past six months.  

What One Million Strong Means to Jennifer

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have!” No one fights alone!!!   More... Share your story! Read other One Million Strong Stories! Sign up for the latest Fight CRC news!

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  1. I’m so blest too be able to leave this comment this year. Two years cancer free. Thank you Lord for your goodness and faithfulness, your loving kindness. For in You, I live and move and have my being. Thank you my darling Elia, Jennifer, Jessika and all my family for your love and continual support. I love you all.

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