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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


As told by Mia’s mother, Brenda / Contada for la mamá de Mia, Brenda

Mia is 11 years old and had always been a very active child. She never had any stomach problems growing up. However, around March/April 2018 she started experiencing severe fatigue and not eating well. I thought it was due to a growth spurt.

Mia tiene 11 años, y siempre había sido una niña muy activa, y jamás había tenido problemas estomacales. Aproximadamente en marzo/abril del 2018, ella empezó a estar muy cansada y dormir de más y a no comer bien. Pensé que se debía a que estaba creciendo.

Mia suddenly started having stomach issues that kept getting worse, with increased stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. So I had to take her to the hospital, where they told me it was just a virus, and gave her medication to prevent nausea.

Mia empezó a tener problemas de estómago que nada más empeoraron, le dolía su pancita, tenía náusea, y vomitaba. La llevé al hospital, pero me dijeron que era un virus, y le dieron medicamento para la náusea.

We ended up taking her to three different hospitals because she wasn’t getting better. But they kept telling us the same thing: It’s a virus. It reached a point where she couldn’t keep anything down, she even threw up her medication. I told them at the hospital I could not take her back home, not when she hadn’t had anything to eat for five days.

Acabamos por llevarla a tres hospitales diferentes, por que su condición no mejoraba. Nos seguían diciendo lo mismo, que era un virus. Llegó al punto en el que ella no retenía nada en su pancita, incluso vomitaba la medicina. Les dije al los del hospital que yo no me la podía llevar a la casa, que no había comido por cinco días.

Mia ended up being diagnosed with anemia and dehydration and kept at the hospital to hydrate her through a tube. After a few days, they realized she was constipated and wasn’t even passing gas, and they decided to run a scan. They saw foreign masses in her stomach and decided to do surgery on June 19.

A Mia la diagnosticaron con anemia y también estaba deshidratada, así que se quedó en el hospital para que le pasaran suero. Después de algunos días, se dieron cuenta que ella estaba estreñida y que no podía echar gas. Decidieron escalera su estómago, y encontraron algo que pensaron que se había tragado. Se hizo cirugía el 19 de junio.

The surgery was supposed to last an hour and a half, but ended up taking five hours. They told me they found a tumor, plus other tumors that had metastasized. They couldn’t operate unless Mia did chemo, and my world came crashing down.

La cirugía se supone nada más iba a durar una hora y media, pero duró cinco. Me avisaron que habían encontrado un tumor, más otros tumores que se había esparcido. Tienen que esperar a hacer más cirugía hasta después de que Mia haga su quicio. Mi mundo se me vino abajo con esa noticia.

After analyzing the tumors, it came back as stage IV colon cancer. Her port was installed July 25, because they were waiting for her to heal after her surgery.

Después de mandar muestras de los tumores a patología, resultó ser cáncer de colon en la cuarta etapa. Su puerto fue instalado el 25 de julio, ya que estaban esperando a que se recuperara de la cirugía.

Mia is currently being treated at OU Children’s Hospital. I stopped working so I could take care of Mia, and my husband is now the sole breadwinner in the family. We are very sad, of course, but we have faith in God that everything will be okay.

Actualmente está siendo tratada en el OU Children’s Hospital. Dejé de trabajar para poder cuidar a Mía, y mi esposo ahora es el único que trabaja. Estamos muy tristes, pero confiamos en Diosito que todo va a salir bien.

7 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong – Mia Batista from Oklahoma

  1. We are all sad tonight. Our heavy hearts bleed blue for you. This little angel came into our lives just a few months ago. Mia, you are a true warrior. You fought the fight. My daughters will always remember you. Rest peacefully, free of pain. Watch over us all. Especially those who continue the fight.????????????????????

  2. Mia and moma, I know exactly what you’re going through. My son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 16. It started when he was at his after school job at a fast food restaurant. He slipped and hurt his back, so we thought. It turned out to be osteosarcoma in his sacrum. Before we found out I had taken him to the doctor cause the pain was unbearable. Since I had just recently gotten divorced, the doctor said my son was wanting attention. I told the doctor my son never cried and he said just give him Tylenol and sent us on our way. My son couldn’t sleep laying on the bed so he tried sleeping on the floor. The pain was so bad my other children and I couldn’t sleep either. We were all very worried. The next morning my son called me to the bathroom and he was bleeding a lot from his penis. I quickly called the doctor and I asked if he was supposed to bleed for attention. He asked where he was bleeding from and I told him. He quickly asked me to take him to the hospital. Several doctors were waiting for him. It took a couple of hours for them to find out he had cancer. It was the worst day of my life! One of the doctors said I needed to take him to MD Anderson cancer center. He was given morphine and we flew to Houston. We ended up staying almost 5 years. My son is 41 years old now. I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to have my son all these years.
    Mia, be strong you can do it! Trust in the Lord with all your heart. That’s how my son and I got through this. Be strong for your daughter moma. I’ll keep you in my prayers.❤️????????

  3. As a father, the nightmare is facing our powerlessness in the face of a situation like this on. When the lives of our children are out of our hands, it is a horrible crippling feeling. Faith and the support of our loved ones are the only way through the ordeal. As a parent, my heart hurts for Mia and her family.

  4. My heart breaks for Mia because I know what it’s like to be diagnosed so young. I was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer when I was 18. My world flipped upside down and turned into hospital visits, and waiting for scan results. I am in remission now, I’m 20 years old. She can beat this, I know it. I know what this is like for her and I know everything is going to be okay. Stay strong Mia and NEVER forget that cancer does not define you. I posted my similar story on this blog as well. Prayers for you girly, you got this.

  5. I sat here drinking my tears. My 13 yr old was diagnosed in August with familial adenomatous polyposis. They removed 5 polyps from her stomach via an endoscopy. They had never seen anyone this young with so many at that age and did not know how to proceed. And here we are.

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