June is National Men’s Health Month and Fight Colorectal Cancer is celebrating Man Up to Cancer for the support and resources they provide men navigating a cancer diagnosis.

Founded by Trevor Maxwell, a stage IV colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed at age 41 who is currently undergoing treatment, Man Up to Cancer saw a gap in the cancer community when it came to supporting men who were facing the disease. 

“Too often, men 'check out' after a cancer diagnosis,” explains the community’s website. “We struggle with shame, depression, and loss of identity, all of which can lead to poor outcomes. Man Up to Cancer provides a wide range of digital content, as well as an insanely engaged Facebook group, to tackle the isolation problem head-on.”

Since launching in January 2020, Maxwell has developed the community; the group has rolled out online groups, merch, resources, a website with stories, and a podcast hosted by Maxwell. Joe Bullock, a stage III colorectal cancer survivor and Fight CRC Ambassador leads the Howling Place, a private Facebook group for men, where they can express all thoughts and emotions related to their cancer experience.

“Being a relentless champion of hope for the men of The Howling Place online community brings purpose to my survivorship,” said Bullock. “The goal is for no man to feel like he has to fight cancer alone. We are changing what it means to ‘Man Up’ To Cancer.”

Bullock has been an integral link for men who want to engage in colorectal cancer advocacy and share their story. Christopher Marlett, an IT specialist who previously worked at LucasFilms, connected with Man up to Cancer, and then Fight CRC, to organize an employee awareness event at the company and support kids facing colorectal cancer. Tim McDonald and JJ Singleton, both survivors, are also part of Man Up to Cancer and some of the newest Fight CRC Ambassadors.

“We are celebrating Trevor, Joe, and all of the men involved in Man Up to Cancer’s ‘wolf pack’  this month,” said Anjee Davis, president of Fight CRC. “Trevor has the heart of an advocate—he saw a major gap in the community and took action to fill it. Joe is helping connect thousands of men to the kind of support they need to face this disease. It’s our honor to support this community.”

Man Up to Cancer’s resources:

Listen to Maxwell’s Podcast: https://manuptocancer.captivate.fm/

Check out the stories: https://www.manuptocancer.com/blog1

Load up on the merch: https://www.manuptocancer.com/merch

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