Andrea (Andi) Dwyer, Advisor to the Fight CRC Research and Patient Education team, will be presenting at the NCI Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer Think Tank.

We are thrilled to have Andi Dwyer, Advisor to Fight CRC’s Research and Patient Education team, representing Fight CRC at the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer (EAO CRC) Think Tank.

She is presenting on the Patient Advocate Perspective, including Fight CRC’s strategy to convene our EAO CRC workgroup with researchers and professionals, on Friday, September 25 at 10am EST. Registration is closed, but Fight CRC will be live tweeting to give you the meeting highlights.

The patient voice is at the center of advocacy. Your voice is being heard on a national stage, influencing decisions made around research, prevention, and treatment. Stay engaged with us to continue our fight against colorectal cancer and the path to a cure.

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