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We love phenomenons. Cultural crazes. Things to hit pop culture and take off like rapid fire – kind of like skinny jeans and color schemes from the 80s.

So what’s the latest pop culture fad we love? No Shave November.

No – it’s just just because of the Red Sox or KC Royals either.

What is “No-Shave November?”

mustacheSince 2003, the “No-Shave November” movement has steadily traveled across the globe. What started between two mustache-loving “mates” in Australia has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and a brilliant way to encourage men’s health. Just read the history here.

Each year, the movement has grown with campaigns launching in several countries from the organization “Movember.” And while the movement began with one global charity, alliances and partnerships have bolstered the movement into mainstream pop culture.

Men sporting a November mustache, also called “Mo,” are not just experimenting with facial hair. They’re making a statement and supporting the movement to raise awareness of men’s health.

Many of them choose to grow “Mo” to raise funds for charities that support men’s health. And we couldn’t be more thankful for the men who’ve chosen to support Fight Colorectal Cancer this November!

Thanks to “Mo”

As one of our fundraisers simply put it on his personal fundraising page: you should donate if:

  • You don’t like cancer.
  • You like beards.
  • You don’t like beards.

Fight Colorectal Cancer appreciates all the Movember efforts that support charities across the country. And, we certainly recognize that colorectal cancer is the 3rd leading cancer for men.

For all our bearded friends, we’re dedicated to getting behind a cure for colorectal cancer. And we’re honored by the men who’ve chosen to fight alongside and raise funds (and grow a mustache) to support us.

For any other dudes out there wanting to not only get involved in No-Shave November but also support the colorectal cause, we’d love to have you sport “Mo” and support us this month! See below for ways you can get involved.

Find a fundraiser and DONATE!

Create your own Personal Fundraising Page for No-Shave November

Get “Mo” ideas on Pinterest!

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