No Shave November: What it Means & Rules


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Years ago, No Shave November became one of the newest cultural phenomenons as men and women ditched their razors for the month of November in support of men's health and important causes. Throughout the years, Fight CRC has received of millions dollars from the nonprofit No-Shave November, a group that's helped spearhead the movement.

Here's how it works, what it means, and some of the "rules" of No Shave month.

What is the meaning of "No Shave November?"

Since 2003, the "No Shave November" movement has steadily traveled across the globe. The origin of the movement says it started between two mustache-loving "mates" in Australia. It has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and a brilliant way to encourage men's health.

Nonprofits like Movember and No-Shave November have organized to officially lead this movement, distributing awareness materials and fundraising tools.

Now, each November, men and women who want to help raise attention and dollars for a cause ditch the razors and sheers for 30 days. Men grow mustaches and bears. Women grow out their hair, or leg and armpit hair. Teams, troupes and fleets all unite under the "no shave" mantra.

What are the rules?

The rules are simple for No-Shave: don't shave. Now, some people will tell you to not shave anything. Others say to avoid shaving a certain area. Here's what we say: Do what works for you. For men, growing facial hair is the most obvious way to participate. For women, growing leg hair is the most common way we've seen ladies join in.

Some groups encourage you to donate the cost of razors, shaving cream, gels and haircuts during November. Others say to start a personal fundraising campaign.

The great thing about no shave is that you can make it what you want it. But, if you're doing No-Shave November with a team, make sure you all agree on how it will work.

What causes does No-Shave November support? Why colorectal cancer?

Founded in 2015, No-Shave November is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In 2022 No-Shave November is partnering with 13 nonprofit organizations from across the country working to end cancer. Fight CRC is one of these organizations because colorectal cancer is personal for the Hill Family, who lost their father, Matthew Hill, to colorectal cancer in 2007 after a yearlong battle. Matthew was a husband, a father to eight children, and according to his friends and family, an "all-around amazing guy." In 2009, his family and friends started the Matthew Hill Foundation Inc., which focuses on raising cancer awareness through partnerships and fundraising initiatives. What began as a unique fundraising effort No-Shave November quickly grew into an international movement celebrated by participants all over the world. Throughout its growth, No-Shave November has continually made generous donations to Fight Colorectal Cancer in his honor.

Is no shave for guys only? Can females do No-Shave November?

From baseball teams to news crews and police forces, guys certainly get most of the attention when it comes to no shave—for obvious reasons. Men like to "let it grow" when it comes to bears and mustaches.

However, women can also participate. We've seen ladies forgo haircuts and grow leg hair. We've also seen women participate by sporting a blue mustache and posting it on social media.

Plus, even if you don't plan to "let it grow" in November, donating to someone who is can be a fantastic way to get involved in the cause.

Is No Shave November still a thing?

Yes! No Shave November is very much still a thing! Learn about our 2022 plans and how to get involved.

Why fundraise?

As one of our fundraisers simply put it: You should donate if:

  • You don't like cancer.
  • You like beards.
  • You don't like beards.

For 8 consecutive years, Fight Colorectal Cancer has received a sizeable from No-Shave November, which has come from the men and women both participating and raising dollars for the cause.

We have used the funds to produce patient resources and awareness campaigns, fund colorectal cancer research, and host advocacy events and education. These dollars are critical to our mission. We hope anyone wanting to do no shave will support the fundraising cause!

To get started, visit and select "Fight Colorectal Cancer" as your partner organization.