Meet the One Million Strong- Rebeca Busquets Villegas from Puerto Rico


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Meet Rebeca

Rebeca Busquets Villegas, Stage IIA Survivor/Patient Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Rebeca's Story

I am a colorectal cancer survivor. I'm also a mother of two, Mariela (age 6) and Emilio (age 5), and a wife to my husband, Carlos. I was diagnosed at age 37, on Dec. 4, 2015 at stage IIA in the transverse colon. I never thought that at my age I would be diagnosed with cancer. The first symptom consisted of mild pelvic pain. After an OB-GYN ruled out any gynecologic disease, he recommended a CT scan. A colonoscopy and two blood transfusions later, the mass was found. This was followed by surgery, my surgeon removed 18 inches of ascending and transverse colon by laparoscopic hemi colectomy. After surgery, I received chemo, Xeloda for seven months, as recommended by my oncologist. All nodules were negative and no genetic factor was found.  Today, I have God, my family and a great team of doctors to thank that I am cancer-free. I would like my story to be shared in order to prevent younger people from being diagnosed with colon cancer, which can be preventable if the proper screening is performed.

Rebeca's Advice

Never underestimate any sign, pain or symptom, even if you think it is not significant. Little things usually are a warning sign for big things that, if discovered at an early phase, might be cured. Never give up, stay positive, cry every time you feel down but then wash your face, stand up and keep fighting. For yourself, for the people you love and for the lives you can touch with the fight.

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  1. Thank you, Rebeca! For being brave and shared your story with all of us! We need to speak out, we need to be heard! You are strong!
    And Gracias for putting up with all my long messages at 1am! Lol!!!!

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