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Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups

Fight CRC’s Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups are free online gatherings for people affected by CRC who are seeking access to resources and peer-to-peer support.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatment, or are supporting someone who is facing CRC, these twice-per-month meetups are a safe and reliable place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours while learning about resources available to you from Fight CRC and partners alike. 

Click here to register for an upcoming meetup that fits your schedule, and read more about the resources we have for newly diagnosed patients!

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This month on the Taboo-ty Podcast, we continue our Ambassador Podcast Series with Episode 2: Kimberly Holiday-Coleman. Kimberly walks us through the true meaning of resilience and describes how powerful your perspective can be in the fight against CRC. The sincerity and elegance of her words make listening to her story a beautiful experience: The podcast will be released on Sep. 27, 2021, so make sure to put this on your list!

If you missed Episode 1 with Dr. Carmen Fong, listen below on how to advocate for yourself!

Research Updates:

September Clinical Trials Conversations: For this month’s Clinical Trials Conversations, Maia and Manju discuss clinical trial options for people with stage II or III colorectal cancer.

Scientist Spotlight: We interviewed Dr. Richard Goldberg who served as West Virginia University Cancer Institute’s (WVUCI) Director and Director of the WVU Cancer Signature Program from 2016 to 2019. Read to learn more about where progress in CRC research and where treatment is headed.

Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Communities: Reaching rural communities for CRC screening and cancer prevention is critical to closing the gaps in care and addressing health equity. Learn more about the work Fight CRC advisor, Andrea (Andi) Dwyer, is doing to address inequities in rural communities.

COVID-10 Vaccine Updates. In August, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized an additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for people who are moderately to severely immunocompromised -- this includes CRC patients.​​ Learn more about what this means for the CRC community.

Did you miss the 2021 Rally on Research? Watch the recordings here!

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly changing situation with special impacts for the cancer and immunocompromised communities. Join Dr. Chris Lieu, Medical Oncologist at the University of Colorado, for a discussion of what cancer patients, immunocompromised individuals, and patient navigators need to know about the latest COVID-19 updates, including the impact of the Delta variant, vaccine and booster shot guidance, and other considerations.

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  1. Hi! I was recently diagnosed at 32 years old this February with stage III colon cancer, and completed treatment in June. Throughout my recovery these last few months, I’ve been doing my best to inform others (particularly younger people) about the rise of CRC. I also work for a company called Healthix, the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation, serving New York City and Long Island. I have been speaking with leadership in my organization about offering a presentation to staff to tell my story and others, and also make it available to our participant organizations (healthcare facilities and providers in our region). Is there someone from Fight CRC who could help with a presentation that could be shared with my staff and possibly additional use?

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