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September eGuide: Your Monthly Resources and Research News

Kids are heading back to school, and anxiety's in the air. We've got just the tools to help set your mind at ease. September has two Resource Meetups on deck. These Resource Meetups provide support, assistance, information, and education, and they are the perfect opportunity to ask or talk about whatever's on your mind.

Our 2022 Back to School Guide–Helping Kids Face Cancer provides resources and information for parents and teachers when dealing with kids of all ages. The Importance of Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer Treatment explains why it is critical to know your biomarkers since they inform your treatment options.

Coming soon is a blog on neuropathy, with tips and suggestions of how they cope and strategies that work for them in relieving chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups

Fight CRC’s Resource Meetups are free online gatherings for people affected by colorectal cancer seeking access to resources and peer-to-peer support.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatment, or are supporting someone who is facing CRC, these twice-per-month meetups are a safe and reliable place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours, while learning about resources available to you from Fight CRC and partners alike. A meetup does not take the place of a doctor or healthcare team, but is a great place to start when searching for more resources! 

Join us for one or both meetups this month! 

In Case You Missed It


  • Colorectal Cancer Surgery Options: Four colorectal surgeons joined us to explore surgical options for both primary and metastatic colon and rectal cancer, and dive into the different types of surgery such as robotic, laparoscopic, and minimally-invasive. They talked about how to prepare for surgery, as well as what to expect. One surgeon even talked us through different colon and rectal surgery with accompanying footage. If you missed this, or would like to watch it again, you can find it here!

Instagram (IG) Live Recordings

  • You can check out all of our previously recorded IG Live videos here!

Blogs from August


  • In our most recent episode of the Taboo-ty Podcast, Kentisha Mazeke joins us to discuss Kentisha’s mother's diagnosis and the important topic that nobody wants to talk about: end of life. Kentisha shares some of the ways her mother continued to care for her, even beyond her final days.  

You can find all of our podcast episodes with our Ambassadors (and other experts in our colorectal cancer community) here!

Research Updates and Resources

In August 2022, huge progress for patients was made! The College of American Pathologists (CAP) published guidelines that will impact clinical care of all colorectal cancer patients. This is big news, and ASCO could soon align their guidelines with CAP*. This guideline includes recommendations for pathologists and oncologists to determine which method to use to evaluate patients for eligibility for treatment with immune checkpoint therapy. Read more here.

Blog Post Highlight: Clinical Trials that Involve Surgery
Clinical trials are not just about new, experimental medications – they can also include surgery. Surgery can be at the forefront of the clinical trial, or a step in the treatment process in combination with the new medication. Read more here.

Clinical Trial Finder and Provider Finder
Patients can search for an oncologist, radiologist, surgeon, or gastroenterologist with our  Provider Finder. For patients seeking second (or third, or fourth) opinions, this tool gives options that align within the travel areas you select. The Clinical Trial Finder currently helps find trials for MSS (microsatellite-stable) and stage IV CRC patients, sourced from

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