Getting screened for colorectal cancer can save your life: It can stop cancer before it ever starts growing, or catch it early when it’s most treatable.

That’s why we committed to the #80by2018 goal three years ago: to get 80 percent of eligible adults screened by 2018.

Research tells us patient stories are very powerful when it comes to motivating people to get screened. Your screening story can help!

On March 1 we’re kicking off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in Times Square. Leading up to the big day, we want to create a buzz online about screening. Let’s post information and personal stories to break down the stigmas and educate people about their options!

How to Submit A Story

Starting now and throughout March, please share your screening stories on social media. We’ll choose some to highlight during our Countdown to 2018 live stream that we’re broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of followers!

Here’s how to share your screening story: 

1. Come up with your story idea. Ideas:

  • what led you (or a patient) to get screened
  • how screening saved your life, or someone else’s life
  • tips for getting screened
  • explain your role in prevention
  • successes in your state, region or organization

2. Decide how to tell your story on social media. Ideas:

  • Write a blog post (If you want to guest blog for Fight CRC contact us!)
  • Make a video and post it on YouTube
  • Do a Facebook Live or Periscope video
  • Post a series of photos on Instagram or go live

3. Share and hashtag your story

  • Share your story on social media – we recommend Facebook and Twitter!
  • Hashtag your post with #80by2018 and #ScreeningStory
  • Search for other posts with the hashtag and share

We’ll be watching for your screening stories! Let’s create conversations and save lives together!

2017_CRCCountdown_PromoGraphics-094. Spread the Word about March 1

On March 1 celebrities, experts and survivors will kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month during the Countdown to 2018. We have one year left to reach our goals and see 80% of people screened by 2018!

To let people know to tune in, please add this call-to-action to the end of your story if you post before March 1:

Don’t miss it! Tune in on March 1 to watch the nation kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month from Times Square! Get details: CRCcountdown.org

Join us on March 1 via Live Stream

Don’t forget to sign up for the live stream and plan a watch party for March 1!

The live stream will make it easy to participate in what’s happening from Times Square. By registering you’ll gain access to the entire hour-long broadcast and the ability to engage in real-time Q&A. Gather your friends and colleagues for a watch party, don’t miss out on this incredible event.

Let’s kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2017 together!

Register Now!

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  1. 1
    Allen Marquess on December 29, 2017

    Had colonrectal cancer in july of 2016 stage two went to johns hopkins for colonocopy found the mass the size of a baseball went back for surgery everything taking out visiting oncologiat took chemo and eat and exercise glad its over survivor and pray to God

    1. 2
      Danielle Burgess on January 2, 2018

      Great to hear Alan, so thankful to hear you’re a survivor!

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