Leading up to and during March Colorectal Cancer Awareness, show your support in the fight against colorectal cancer by snapping a #StrongArmSelfie. It is an easy, fun way to raise awareness for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It's also a fun way to get your co-workers, team, neighbors, friends and family involved. Over the years, we've seen thousands of posts come in. If you're just now noticing all of these "strong arms," here's how it works:

Q. What is a #StrongArmSelfie?

A "strong arm selfie" is an easy way to show you support the fight against colorectal cancer. It's a sign to a patient that you care. A symbol to a caregiver that you've got their back. And, it may also serve as a reminder to get screened for colorectal cancer. Fight CRC's community of advocates have adopted the "strong arm" as a way to show we fight relentlessly against colorectal cancer and will not back down until there's a cure. To take our message public, we "flex" our arms, snap a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #StrongArmSelfie.

Q. What do I need to take a #StrongArmSelfie?

All you need is:
  • a camera or smart phone
  • social media account(s)
  • bicep muscles (optional)
Take a “selfie” while flexing your best “strong arm” pose. (If someone takes the picture for you, that's OK too.) Then, post it to your social network to raise awareness and funds for colorectal cancer!

Q. How does a #StrongArmSelfie support those fighting colorectal cancer?

A few ways, actually!

"Virtual" Greeting Cards

Over the years, we've seen friends and family of survivors and caregivers post a #StrongArmSelfie to show support for them. They will post a photo and tag their friend in it, with a message like "I'm strong for Chris!" or "This one's for you Mike!" A lot of times they will tag their other friends and family members to show support. We often see HUNDREDS of posts come in to honor just one person. It's pretty amazing! It's incredibly touching to see supporters take this on to show their loved ones they care.

Selfies for Donations to Fight CRC

Each post, retweet or share of a #StrongArmSelfie sends $1* to Fight CRC! We use those funds to support our community and offer advocacy and research training, awareness tools, free resources and more (to name a few.) We also fund research to get behind a cure.
*In 2020, up to $30,000 will be donated thanks to our sponsors: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Exact Sciences, Genentech, Guardant Health, and No-Shave November.
If you'd like to become a sponsor contact us!

Q. What social media accounts are best for sharing my #StrongArmSelfie?

We recommend (and track) the following social outlets:


Tweet a #StrongArmSelfie photo or video. Don't forget the hashtag! Retweets count, so encourage friends and family to retweet your post too!! Tweets must be public in order to feed into our #StrongArmSelfie collection!


Post on Instagram (make sure it’s public). It's fun to tag your friends and challenge them to post a #StrongArmSelfie too! Posts must be public in order to feed into our #StrongArmSelfie collection! Instagram stories cannot be tracked.


A lot of people LOVE Facebook, and it's an amazing way to raise awareness and support a survivor. If you want to post a #StrongArmSelfie and have it count toward the $1 donation, please: *NOTE: Facebook posts will NOT feed into our #StrongArmSelfie collection unless they're posted on a Facebook page.

Who can participate in #StrongArmSelfie?

Anyone can get involved in the movement! From children to medical professionals, race car drivers to country singers, anyone can show their strength! A few ideas:
  • Get your co-workers together and post! Compete against one another!
  • Host an event and take pictures to all who stop by your table or booth.
  • Get your medical practice to support and promote this (download the flyer below!)
  • Ask sports teams to support the cause with a team picture and/or individual shots!
  • Ask celebrities to post a #StrongArmSelfie in support of awareness!      

How long does the #StrongArmSelfie campaign run?

#StrongArmSelfie is something you can do all year long! There's always a reason to flex and show your strength! Each year for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month we work to make the BIGGEST splash possible. We actively report on our progress January through March.

What are some tips when posting my #StrongArmSelfie?

1. To get our immediate attention, tag us (@FightCRC) in the post too! 2. Post pictures on BOTH Twitter & Instagram! (It's $1 PER POST!) 3. If you’re posting on Facebook, create a dedicated Facebook album - don't forget to tell us it exists. If you're willing, make the album public. 5. If you’re posting on Instagram, make sure to use the hashtag in the description of your picture (not only in the comments.) 6. If you’re posting because someone tagged you, or in honor of someone, tag them. And keep it going!

Get More Information

By getting involved, you’ll help raise awareness of the second-leading cancer killer in the U.S. You’ll also show the over 1 million survivors you’re inspired by their strength. We've got some great colorectal cancer awareness gear to go along with your #StrongArmSelfie event if you want to rally the troops. If you're looking for an easy, fun way to raise awareness this March, we hope you'll flex for the cause!

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  1. Hi !! My name is Amy Creekmore. I live in Harrison AR. I am new to the F!GHT Coloretal CANCER Rally. I was diagnosed with Stage 4, Metastatic Rectal Cancer in November which had spread to my lungs, spine and lungs. I immediately started taking chemotherapy. When results came that I had it in my spine I saw a Neuro-surgeon and the Radiation doctor the same week. When it was decided that it was better to have radiation first before surgery I got radiation 5 times. It was decided to do it the week of Christmas 2019 and the following Monday. I did well with it but returned to chemo, Tuesday, the following day. I just got the results back this week. The tumor in my liver has reduced by HALF it’s original size!!!! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!!
    On top of that the doctors guesstimate that the rectal tumor has shrunk possibly to half it’s size too! And although they could not determine any changes in the lungs; there were NO NEW NODULES found!! The hole in my spine is still open. Nothing is found inside it growing. No scar tissue; no cancer either. I want to be involved in spreading the word. I have been doing that already! How do I get ahold of free stuff to give out when I get these pictures? Ex:(pamphlets, pens, magnets, poop emoji pencils and such).

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