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Sunday, June 6 marks the 34th annual observance of National Cancer Survivors Day across the US and abroad. Fight CRC is proud to celebrate survivorship with our community and share in the many moments of joy and loss that you’ve experienced on your journey. On this day, please consider sharing your story with us and getting connected to other members of our community. It’s your survivorship stories that drive us to keep fighting until there is a cure!

What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

National Cancer Survivors Day is a global celebration of life that uplifts and amplifies the journey of cancer survivors, held every year on the first Sunday in June.

“It is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.”

National Cancer Survivorship Day Foundation

It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges associated with survivorship and educate the community about resources available to support survivorship.

Who does it celebrate?

Cancer Survivors Day is a day for everyone, whether you’re a cancer survivor, caregiver, medical provider, family member, or friend of someone who has been affected by cancer. 

What makes it so important?

“Cancer Survivors Day is like a national holiday in cancer-world. It’s a day to pause, rally, and celebrate. The day is full of hope—I love to see people who have survived cancer for way longer than me—it encourages me to keep going. I also love the feeling that I’m inspiring others, especially when I meet people who are receiving the same hope from me that I’ve been given from others.”

– Danielle Ripley-Burgess, Fight CRC’s Chief Storyteller, 2x CRC Survivor

What makes National Cancer Survivors Day so important is YOU! Your story, your journey, and your message are essential to promoting the amazing strength of cancer survivors. Uniting together and being recognized for all that you’ve been through builds community and encourages resiliency for everyone impacted by cancer. 

Does Fight CRC have a resource to support survivorship care planning and communication?

Yes! We are excited to have this year’s National Cancer Survivors Day coincide with the launch of our Survivorship Care Planning resources, where you can find webinars, blogs, podcasts, and other resources dedicated to survivorship care planning. You can also sign up for interactive sessions, happening in July and August, with experts who can answer questions you may have about survivorship. 

If you are interested in hosting your own National Cancer Survivors Day event or access additional resources, please visit the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation’s website.

We are honored to have you as part of our community and will continue to fight with you side by side today and every day!

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