Each year, Fight CRC hosts an August Recess Challenge to get advocates involved in advocacy from home. The August Recess Challenge is an annual grassroots advocacy campaign with weekly challenges like meeting with your member of congress, calling your representatives or engaging with them on social media.

The Challenge is for anyone – from those who don’t know who their elected officials are, to those who are on a first-name basis with them.

The 2017 Challenge

With healthcare being at the top of all of our minds, this year’s challenge focuses on healthcare legislation and Fight CRC’s priorities. We will help you take action to make your voice heard as new legislation for healthcare reform is developed.

There will be challenges issued each week. Here’s what to come!

Week 1 – Sign Up for the Facebook Town Hall

Photo source: Cool Tech Mom

Facebook recently launched a new tool called “Town Hall” that lets you:

  • Follow all of your federal & state representatives with 1 click
  • Find contact information for all of your representatives
  • Earn a “constituent” badge for engaging online with your representatives
  • Get voting reminders

For week 1, we encourage you to sign up through this new tool!

ARC photo

Here’s how:

  1. Visit Facebook Town Hall!
  2. Enter your street address (where you’re registered to vote). Facebook stores encrypted data and your privacy should be protected.
  3.  It will automatically pull up your local, state and federal legislators with their contact information. Click “follow all” at the top, or select who you want to follow.
  4. On the right-hand side, turn “on” the constituent badge to show you are replying to your legislator on Facebook as a constituent of their state or district.
  5. Turn “on” your voting reminders
  6. Need more help? Get a step-by-step guide from the Washington Post.

Did you take the challenge!?
Take a screenshot and post it in the Advocates at Fight CRC Facebook group

Week Two – Engage with your member of Congress!

During week two, we challenge you to ENGAGE with your members of Congress and explain what you want to see in healthcare reform. (To prepare, read this.)

If you have anxiety about this, you’re not alone. Here are some great tips to help you through the process if you face social anxiety when engaging with you members.







Graphics used with permission by Cordelia McGee-Tubb (@cordeliadillon)

While the anxiety is real – so is the importance of making contact with Congress. Here’s how we challenge you to engage:

  • Schedule a meeting with your member – visit their website to see how!
  • Attend a Town Hall – if they’re hosting a local meeting, make sure to go!
  • Post on their social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here’s a sample tweet:

.(@member), pls protect patients! Here’s what’s impt. to me: http://ow.ly/QTfC30dxRtN @FightCRC  #KeepUsCovered #CRCadvocacy

Week Three – Visit the Local Office (and snap a #StrongArmSelfie!)


Ready to get out of your seat!? Each of your representatives has a local office that shouldn’t be too far from you. Go to their website and see where it’s located.

Then, we challenge you to go visit!

Swing by their office, snap a #StrongArmSelfie from the outside and drop in to say “hello” to their local staff members. Let them know who you are, why you advocate and ask for their support. (Download our Issue Briefs to leave behind!)

Did you take the challenge!?
Post your picture to social media and TAG both @FightCRC & your member of Congress. It’s a great way to remind them you stopped by! Post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Add the hashtags #StrongArmSelfie & #CRCadvocacy!

Week 4 – Share, Share, Share!


If you haven’t yet, share about your advocacy. It will inspire other advocates to get involved! Here’s where to share:

You in!?

The August Recess Challenge combines all our efforts and shows members of Congress what is important to the CRC community. With this year’s focus on healthcare legislation with the repeal of the ACA, members of Congress must know why we continue to fight!

To get notified when it’s time to get started, Register as an Advocate!

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