Staying Busy During COVID-19 Quarantine


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These are strange times we’re living in, and Fight CRC staff is experiencing the quarantine life just like everyone else. As a team, the Fight CRC staff has been enjoying new ways to find some levity throughout the weeks as we’re all caring for ourselves and others who need it most. So far, we have critically reviewed Netflix’s Tiger King, played staff Guess Who to learn new things about each other, started GIF battles, and played staff Bingo. These have been fun moments for us to escape the reality of what’s happening around us just for a bit each week, while continuing to build each other up as staff. Our community engagement manager, Andrew has been leading the charge as our social chair and he’s doing a fantastic job!

When we’re not working on changing policy, developing patient resources, or supporting breakthrough research endeavors, here’s what we’re doing to stay busy.

Anjee, President

I am getting a chance to tackle things I have never had the time to do. I have embraced being a pescatarian, upped my baking game, and even indulged in “creeking.” I’ve also been routinely stretching, barely surviving homeschooling, and totally into watching amazingly mindless Netflix shows. This quarantine life has had some pretty sweet moments with my husband, son, and pup.

Scott, Mission Champion VP

I’m spending the quarantine masked-up for scans, in ongoing immunotherapy treatments, and saluting our amazing frontline healthcare workers – the show must go on! Back home I’ve been part of Tik-Tok making with my 14 year-old daughter, Alba…a true sign that the creeping quarantine madness is taking its hold!

Michell, Director of Partnership Development

Music has always been my go-to whether I’m feeling, happy, sad, or mad – there’s always a song that fits every mood. With the gyms closed, each night I turn on music and dance for at least 30 minutes. I also watch old concerts and pretend like I’m actually there! Last week it was Beyonce at Coachella – we had the best seats! 

Nancy, Director of Communications

I’ve been hunkering down with my dogs (oh, and my husband, Carl!), getting out for social-distancing hikes by the Monocacy River in Frederick, Maryland as often as I can, and supporting local restaurants by carrying out their delicious food! 

Molly, Director of Advocacy

I’ve been going for early morning walks to get some fresh air and to take in all the beauty that’s in my neighborhood (something I probably took for granted before). I’ve also been enjoying trying out new virtual workouts – some go better than others, but it’s been helpful to me to keep a routine. 

Devin, Technical Analyst

I’ve been reading books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but also just read my first Agatha Christie book on Rebecca’s recommendation, and liked it!  I’ve also been playing more video games with my friends, since everyone is stuck at home. My new goal is to eat healthier, since I’m not going out or burning as many calories. I’m afraid this goal will take a while to master though…

Sharyn, Patient Education Senior Manager

I have been going on long walks with my dog, doing all the toddler-friendly activities with my little, going on runs, and practicing yoga at home. We’re spending a lot of time cooking fun plant-based recipes, and have been busy in our yard getting our garden ready. I’ve been busy, but whenever I find a moment to pause and take a few deep breaths, I go for it.

Reese, Research Advocacy Manager

I’ve been staying very busy taking my dog to the park and on hikes. I’ve also found a new appreciation for puzzles and virtual yoga classes!

Anna, Volunteer Manager

My adult bunnies have had two batches of kits recently, so I’ve been occupied with caring for a bunch of little fluffs! I also enjoy a lot of time with my “noculars” (as I like to call them) bird-watching as spring brings in the new Missouri dwellers. A recent purchase of a Garmin Fitness Watch has been super motivating for getting good steps in through morning and evening walks. OH! ANNDD I learned to fish! 

Rebecca, Office Administrator

I’ve been taking lots of (solo) walks to the nearby park and have been enjoying the springtime blooms! 

Brian, Climb and Photography Manager

We’ve been trying to be outside as much as possible. Riding bikes, going for walks around the neighborhood, and getting our gardens ready. Each night around the dinner table we’ve shared one word about how we’re feeling and one thing that we’re grateful for.

Aubree, Advocacy Manager

I’ve been keeping busy by picking up old hobbies like mandolin playing, running around Chicago, bread baking, drawing, and painting. Keeping in touch virtually with friends, family, and creative circles has been a must, as well as cuddling with my dog!

Andrew, Community Engagement Manager

I’ve been tackling house projects that have been on the list since I bought this house three years ago. Luckily this quarantine started in Missouri right around the time that the weather was changing, so time outside for walks, yard work, and time in the hammock have been plentiful. I’ve learned a lot about the projects I’ve been working on – furniture refinishing, brush clearing, kitchen remodeling – which has been fun to learn! Oh, and countless hours wasted on TikTok. 

Elizabeth, Project Manager

My dog (Roush) loves having me home all the time! We have been taking lots of walks and watching Netflix! 

Sam, Brand Manager

My wife and I have enjoyed catching up with family and friends virtually now that everyone is on the same schedule. We have been staying active by taking our dog for walks, catching up on yard work, and playing basketball in the driveway.

Emily, Communications Assistant

With a toddler, a new puppy, and family in town (whose visit has now become a temporary move-in situation), we are staying VERY busy during quarantine. We’re going on daily walks to stay healthy and active, and it’s good for the new pup too. In the evenings, we’re enjoying eating out more than usual to support our local restaurants who are offering curbside pick up…so I guess it’s a good thing we’re doing all the extra walking!

Maia, Lead Curator of the Fight CRC Clinical Trial Finder

There has been a nationwide lockdown in my country of Argentina since March 20th. We live in a city and going for a walk, a run, or biking is not allowed at the moment. When not working or helping our daughter with her (too many) school assignments, my husband and I have been doing backyard clean up, dancing in our living room and (finally) starting to watch the series Money Heist on Netflix. My daughter enjoys learning to cook and practices her reading, the dogs are happy we are home all day. I will be making face masks for others so I’m trying to repair the antique, treadle-operated Haid und Neu sewing machine that has been in my family for three generations now. I don’t know how to use it, so I’m watching YouTube tutorials!

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