ConC2016_HillDayIf you’ve ever tried to tell someone about D.C., it would be an injustice to show a single picture of the reflecting pool or a selfie from the White House. They all honor and remember those who’ve sacrificed and served with strength to better our nation – and the world. One single monument doesn’t make D.C. great – it’s all of them in one place that makes it one of the most inspirational and impactful cities on Earth.

It’s fitting that this city hosts our annual Call-on Congress – a three-day advocacy conference that empowers advocates to use their stories to change policies.

This year, on our 10th anniversary, we focused on the collective voice for change.

Just like the monuments, when we as advocates concentrate all of our single stories into one empowered, passionate, collective voice – we truly make change. We raise awareness. We get people screened. We change policy. We generate support for research dollars. And we get closer and closer to finding a cure.

That’s exactly what we experienced at our 10th annual Call-on Congress in D.C. and why it’s a year we’ll never forget.

View the Big Moments in the Summary Report

Watch the 2016 Call-on Congress Video

What Happened?

Here were a few of our favorite moments from this year:

To see what else happened this year and get inspired for next year, take a look at the video, summary report and photos!

2016 Call-on Congress

What Now?

Advocate at ANY TIME! Sign up as an advocate. You’ll be notified when we need you to act from home- we have exciting summer plans.

Let’s be friends. Join the Advocates of Fight CRC Facebook group to connect with current advocates using their voice for change.

Join us on the Hill next year! Save-the-date for next year and don’t miss it: March 13-15, 2017.

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One comment on “The Collective Voice: 10th Annual Call-on Congress Recap”

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    Deborah Kanter on May 18, 2016

    What a decade! So glad to be part of the earlier efforts/celebrations and hope to be part again in this next decade. The video renews the spark, the tears, the hope, and the determination that got myself and no doubt many others through this cancer experience and the aftermath of advocacy and compassion. Bravo!

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