BB_s17_GibsonSistersIt started out with a quick selfie.

Elsa and Carrie Gibson searched online looking for support and information. Their dad was sick with late-stage colorectal cancer. They needed answers. As they sought information, they stumbled across pictures with the hashtag #StrongArmSelfie. They decided to join in. Little did they know they would soon be part of a movement reaching millions across the U.S., their home of Puerto Rico, and even beyond its borders. They became advocates with Fight CRC. Their impact in their community was coined “The Gibson Effect.”

What began in 2015 with social media posts grew year by year, and in 2017 they traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend Call-on Congress as scholars. Their online advocacy through a social media campaign transformed into face-to-face political advocacy as they met with members of Congress and shared their heartbreaking story of losing their father to colorectal cancer. It was a life-changing experience they hope will continue again and again.

“To put a voice to our community and learn that the members of Congress represent us felt like a ‘one in a million’ experience that we now hope will be a yearly experience. We made instant friends and gained knowledge to share with our community. Getting involved with Fight CRC has been invaluable and a great way to honor our dad’s legacy.”


5 Tips to get Screened – in Spanish!

As passionate advocates for the cause, Elsa and Carrie are dedicated to raising awareness and saving lives with their story. They want to see people get screened!

If you haven’t been screened but need to be – take it from the Gibson sisters. Just do it! It could save your life.

Here’s 5 tips they have for you:

  1. Your behind counts! A preventive test can save your life. (Lo de atrás cuenta! Una prueba preventiva puede salvar tu vida.#lodeatrascuenta)
  2. One test, one day, can be the difference in your life. (Una prueba, un día, puede hacer la diferencia en tu vida.)
  3. Get information about the screening tests, one could be enough to save your life. (Busca información sobre las diferentes pruebas de cernimiento, una es suficiente para salvar tu vida.)
  4. Screening tests don’t hurt, think about the consequences of avoiding one simple test. (Las pruebas de cernimiento no duelen, piensa en las consecuencias de evitar una simple prueba.)
  5. Trust your gut! Demand a screening test if you have symptoms, change physician’s minds if needed. (Confía en tu cuerpo, exige una prueba de cernimiento si tienes síntomas, cambia de doctor si es necesario!)


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