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What is Call-on Congress?

Call-on Congress is Fight Colorectal Cancer’s (Fight CRC) signature advocacy event. Now in its 16th year, Call-on Congress was borne out of our founder, Nancy Roach’s vision and deeply held belief that advocacy has to be at the heart of what we do at Fight CRC, and that patients need to be at the table where policy decisions are being made.

Call-on Congress is an opportunity for advocates from across the country to share your stories and educate members of Congress on issues impacting you and the colorectal cancer community.

Call-on Congress looked a little different the past two years due to COVID-19, and we learned both the virtues and drawbacks of a virtual event. But we are excited to return to Washington, D.C., in 2022 for a Call-on Congress unlike any other. This year, in addition to meeting with members of Congress virtually, we will be sponsoring the first-ever flag installation on the National Mall to spotlight colorectal cancer as a national priority and raise awareness that we need to fight for more. Whether you join us in-person or virtually it’s sure to be an amazing year! 

Here’s what to expect at Call-on Congress 2022:

  • Virtual Advocacy Training
    • Fight CRC will conduct a mandatory advocacy training to prepare you for your virtual Hill meetings. You’ll learn about our legislative asks, what to expect in your virtual meetings, and have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Call-on Congress Mentors
    • A big part of Call-on Congress is connecting with other advocates! Fight CRC will match you up with a Call-on Congress mentor from your state or region that can help introduce you to others in the community and answer any questions you may have. 
  • United in Blue - March 16, 2022 
    • Fight CRC will host a rally on the National Mall with members of Congress, advocates, advocacy partners and other special guests! Attendees will have the opportunity to place a flag in the ground and we will host an evening ceremony to honor those fighting colorectal cancer and those we have lost. 
  • Virtual Hill Day - March 17, 2022
    • Whether you are participating from Washington, DC or from home, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your members of Congress (pre-scheduled by Fight CRC) to share your story and urge them to do more to prioritize colorectal cancer.

We will be focusing on the alarming increase in colorectal cancer diagnoses in young people. Specifically, that by 2030, colorectal cancer will be the No. 1 cancer killer of those ages 20-49. Despite these worrying trends, colorectal cancer research is wildly underfunded by the federal government. The installation will be an opportunity to draw attention to these trends and for us to demand that our policymakers do more to prioritize the fight against colorectal cancer. 


  • In-Person Registration — $45
    • Virtual meetings with members of Congress
    • Rally on the National Mall with members of Congress and advocacy partners
    • National Mall Installation, United in Blue, dedication ceremony
    • Fight CRC swag bag
  • Virtual Registration — Free
    • Virtual meetings with members of Congress
    • Social media toolkit

You can imagine a world without cancer. Or you can fight for one.  Join us for Call-on Congress 2022

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  1. Excited to be part of something bigger than me. Diagnose with rectal cancer in August 8, 2021. I just finished treatment for a study of rectal cancer. I am only 55 years young.

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