Happy World Cancer Day! Today's a day where we lock arms with fellow fighters around the globe and recognize our shared commitment to end this dreaded disease called cancer.

Today, we thought about diving into what we're doing on the Hill. We also thought about introducing you to our amazing work in colorectal cancer research and presenting the inspiring stories and volunteer opportunities at Fight CRC. But when it came down to it, we decided to get personal.

Because cancer is personal. Why is the staff at Fight CRC fighting cancer on World Cancer Day? Take a look...


"I fight because I believe we are stronger together than we are alone, especially when facing cancer. This is a special day we get to be together celebrating our friends and family touched by all cancers. We also get to share stories about our friends and family we miss."

- Anjee Davis, President

"Cancer became personal to me at a very young age. My grandfather passed away from kidney cancer when I was just a few months old, and unfortunately, since then cancer has continued to touch the lives of my family and friends. It can be easy to feel helpless. But when I discovered the patient advocacy world, I found that while this disease can bring tremendous hardship, it can also bring incredible strength and community. So I fight by helping to empower and support those touched by cancer - to amplify their voices and impact positive change through advocacy."

- Molly McDonnell, Director of Advocacy

"Cancer is a disease that has touched my family and friends in so many ways. It connects us all, unfortunately. For me, making the struggle with cancer matter through advocacy is the best way to honor those who fight and those who have passed."

- Aubree Thelen, Advocacy Manager

"Losing my dad to colon cancer devastated my family. I'm here to use my voice to fight for a cancer-free future with the hopes of preventing this from happening to someone else's family! Attending my first Call-on Congress in 2009 was the first commitment I made in the fight against cancer!"

- Michell Baker, Director of Philanthropy

"I might be approaching ten years of being cancer-free, but not a single day goes by where I don't think about what would happen if had to hear those words again "We found a tumor and we're 99% sure it's cancer." I raise awareness so others can catch things early and avoid the words no one wants to hear."

- Brian Threlkeld, Photography and Climb Manager

"On World Cancer Day, I join in the fight against cancer for my mother and aunt who beat their diagnoses, and also for my grandmother who lost her battle against cancer. This day restores the hope that, while cancer may be strong, we are stronger, especially when we unite and fight together. Although cancer has affected everyone in some way or another, I fight for a day when that will no longer be the case."

- Natalie Reynolds, Program Coordinator and Administrative Support
Mandy Moots

"While living overseas, my husband's aunt and uncle were huge advocates for our work. His aunt passed away last year from cancer because they caught it too late.  I fight so that others can have the information and access to be screened and to one day put an end to cancer altogether.  We are stronger together!"

- Mandy Moots, Volunteer Manager

"Cancer has touched my life in more ways than I care to say. My grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, one of my best friends, and even my dog have all been touched or taken by cancer. It is a ruthless disease with no boundaries, and unfortunately, we are all at risk. We're fortunate that colorectal cancer is preventable in most cases, but it is critical that we continue fighting for life-saving research and remove barriers to screening in order to save lives."

- Emily Piekut, Sr. Communications Manager

"I didn't have a choice to fight cancer and a lot of what comes with being a survivor is out of my control. But, I did choose to share my story. Every few months, I choose to attend my follow-up appointments. I've chosen to team up with Fight CRC because I want other patients to know they're not alone." 

- Emily Piekut, Communications Assistant

“The fight against cancer has changed for me over the years. Cancer touched my family growing up in several ways. It wasn't until I met the advocates at Fight CRC that I realized the power of an advocates voice in the fight. The stories I've heard and friendships I've formed keep me going. I fight to honor the legacy of so many we've lost.”

- Andrew Wortmann, Senior Creative Manager

"I fight for everyone that I have lost to cancer. I fight for my family's future and for day when we no longer lose loved ones to these diseases." -

- Sam Monica, Multimedia Manager
Elizabeth Jordan Headshot

"For me this day represents hope and togetherness. To all those in the fight (caregivers, loved ones, survivors) you don't stand alone."

- Elizabeth Jordan, Marketing Manager

“Today, and everyday, it is important to fight the fight against cancer - But today especially you truly see the magnitude of individuals affected in some shape or form and how they come together for one common goal. We will continue to use everything we have to spread awareness and evoke real change - We will keep showing up for those who need it most. Together we are relentless champions of hope!”

- Ali Overstreet, Social Media Coordinator

“Cancer has touched the lives of my family and friends. I have seen how various forms of cancer can rock family's lives and support groups. It can be heartbreaking to feel and see, but strides are being made. I am proud of the work I do and hope that fewer people feel the burden that cancer can cause because of it. I work to fight for the people that we've lost, in an effort to save more. With research and support groups, I believe that cancer will not win. We as a society are strong enough to stand up and defeat cancer.”

- Robert Edwards, Graphic Designer

"I fight because I see the need to raise awareness and funding for research to improve health outcomes and the lives of cancer patients and their families."

- Reese Garcia, Senior Manager of Research Advocacy

"Being diagnosed with cancer (or having a loved one suffer through it, as in my case) can be the most trying experience of our lives. Early in the journey, I realized that the path to better health is easier by “being” with others. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources in our colorectal cancer community results in improved prognosis, treatment options, and quality of life. It helps those struggling now and honors the loved ones we miss. On World Cancer Day, while looking forward to a cancer cure, I strive for more Patients cured, in our time!"

- Maia Walker, Lead Curator of the Fight CRC Trial Finder

“I fight because colorectal cancer truly needs a relentless approach to community education. We know that this is a devastating disease that impacts millions of people, but stigma and many other barriers still stand in the way of people feeling empowered to get screened or seek out the highest quality care for their diagnosis. My passion is helping people conquer those barriers, which is why l fight to provide resources that help everyone impacted by cancer pursue their optimal state of health and well being.”

- Mike Marosits, Patient Education Manager
Elsa Headshot

“Cancer is the reason I never met my grandfather. I fight to help prevent other families from experiencing similar devastation. Through collaborative approaches to research, prevention, and treatment we can be most effective in improving lives.”

- Elsa Weltzien, Research Engagement Manager

“Millions around the globe have cancer - even more, family members and loved ones are affected.  Each step of progress we take means patients are living longer and lives being fuller.  That's something I feel is always worth fighting for.”

- Devin Heid, Technical Analyst

“Since joining Fight CRC I’ve been amazed to see the strength and resiliency that comes from raising a unified voice. On World Cancer Day, I fight for my aunt who beat her cancer diagnosis, and for the hope that one day we can live in a world that is free from cancer.”

- Rebecca Nance, HR & Operations Manager

Tell us why you fight

This is why we fight. Now tell us:  Why do you fight? Share your story, flex a #StrongArmSelfie for social media and get involved. Let's unite today for a world without cancer.

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