Wrapping up March: 2021 Highlights


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Raising awareness saves lives and that’s what we’re here to do, alongside our community of relentless champions of hope. 

On March 1, 2021, Fight CRC launched our annual Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month campaign with a press release that reached over 130 million people, explaining the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of colorectal cancer, as well as pleading with the public to get screened.

This March, Fight CRC’s community of champions was featured by 396 media outlets, reaching a potential audience of 936 million!

Ambassadors in Times Square

We know that seeing the faces of those affected by colorectal cancer is one of the most effective ways to reach the public. That’s why from March 1-March 8, our 2020-2021 Ambassadors were featured in a Times Square PSA, reaching an estimated 1.5-2 million people daily.

Providing Hope & Free Resources

Additionally, we provided tools on our website for colorectal cancer champions, medical professionals, and partners to use to raise awareness. Our toolkit was downloaded more than 600 times! 

Throughout the month of March, nearly 115,000 website visitors downloaded more than 1,500 resources. Over 4,000 new champions our community and supporters donated more than $22,000. 

Social Media Success

Social media is one of our favorite (and most fun!) ways to connect with, engage with, and meet new relentless champions of hope. Here’s a breakdown of our March social media activity:

  • Facebook: 32.4k followers; 2,483 page views; 94,988 post engagements; 452,021 people reached
  • Instagram: 10.1k followers; 3.9k post engagements; 14.5k accounts reached (~150% increase compared to February)
  • Twitter: 11.3k followers; 13k profile visits; 1.2k mentions; 496k impressions

Additionally, 21.6k #StrongArmSelfies were shared, reaching 1.5 million people and making over 4 million impressions.

Kicking Off Call-on Congress

On March 15, we kicked off Call-on Congress like never before. Thanks to COVID-19, we decided to make this year’s event 100% virtual, allowing more participants than ever to participate. We transformed our annual three-day advocacy event into a three-month program, which will culminate in a Day of Action on June 14. Registration is still open — don’t miss it!

Call-on Congress 2021 Kickoff Event: March 15, 2021


We can’t tell you enough how much your continued support and trust means to us. 

Fight CRC’s mission is to FIGHT to cure colorectal cancer and serve as relentless champions of hope for all affected by this disease through informed patient support, impactful policy change, and breakthrough research endeavors.

Sharing your story, raising awareness, and making donations all push us closer towards the path to a cure and lets others know they aren’t alone. THANK YOU!

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One thought on “Wrapping up March: 2021 Highlights

  1. You guys truly rock, I have met a few of you along my journey with anal cancer, and it’s always been an honor waking with you guys every year for the colorectal awareness scope it out walks.

    Much Love,
    Calvin Nokes aka the assbassador of anal cancer awareness

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