Elizabeth Dennis

Meet the One Million Strong- Elizabeth Dennis from Arizona

Meet Elizabeth Patient / Survivor Tempe, Arizona Elizabeth’s Story My name is Liz Dennis and I am a 10+ year survivor of stage III rectal cancer. I was diagnosed in May 2006. I also have a permanent colostomy named Rose! My paternal grandmother, uncle and…

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Angela Nicholas

Meet the One Million Strong- Angela Nicholas from Pennsylvania

Meet Angela Caregiver North Wales, Pennsylvania Angela’s Story After just two weeks of symptoms, my husband John was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer November 1, 2013. He was 45 years old at the time. Since then, he has had over 30 chemo treatments, four surgeries,…

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Heather photo

Meet the One Million Strong- Heather Schiller from Georgia

Meet Heather Patient / Survivor Peachtree Corners, Georgia Heather’s Story On Father’s Day weekend 2012, the trajectory of our lives forever changed when my dad’s cousin and roommate called with news. Cancer. Terminal. Six months to a year. Daddy was 62 years old and had…

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Amy Neighbors

Meet the One Million Strong- Amy Neighbors from Kentucky

Meet Amy Patient / Survivor Edmonton, Kentucky Amy’s Story At 39, I began to have the typical symptoms of colon cancer. However, because of my age, and  because I thought I was very healthy, it never crossed my mind that I could have cancer of…

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Susan Frailey

Meet the One Million Strong- Susan Frailey from California

Meet Susan Medical Professional South Lake Tahoe, California Susan’s Story My mother died at 45 years old from colon cancer, in 1981. We had less diagnostics and awareness back then. Even today, in 2017, 20-25 percent of bowel preparations are inadequate for complete visualization of…

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Lee S

Meet the One Million Strong- Lee Stead from Texas

Meet Lee Patient / Survivor Wylie, Texas Lee’s Story In mid-October 2007 I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. After undergoing a long stretch of radiation and chemo, I had a radical life-altering surgery and became an ostomate with a colostomy! Then had another…

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Roger Best

Meet the One Million Strong- Roger Best from Missouri

Meet Roger Patient / Survivor Warrensburg, Missouri Roger’s Story After a colonoscopy in Apr. 2015, the doctor informed me I had two large masses in my colon, and he felt confident at least one was cancerous. This was a bit surprising for me, since I…

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Trish Lannon

Meet the One Million Strong- Trish Lannon from Maryland

Meet Trish Patient / Survivor Elkridge, Mayland Trish’s Story In March 2007, I rushed to the ER with what I thought was appendicitis, then to find out I was missing 2/3 of my blood volume. After five blood transfusions over a 24-hour time period, I…

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