Meet the One Million Strong- Devan Ellenbarger from Arizona

Meet Devan Family Member/Friend of Patient Phoenix, Arizona Devan’s Story In 1999, my older sister April was in and out of the hospitals. She was 22 years old at the time, and she eventually had a colonoscopy. They found polyps, she was told more tests…

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Meet the One Million Strong- Maria Campbell from Kentucky

Meet Maria Maria Campbell, Patient/Survivor Prestonsburg, Kentucky Maria’s Story On Apr. 17, 2015 I was admitted to the hospital to have my gall bladder removed. However, after the surgery I got worse. It was not my gall bladder that was giving me stomach pains. They examined my…

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Ivy Yeoman

Meet the One Million Strong- Ivy Yeoman from North Carolina

Meet Ivy Ivy Yeoman, Patient/Survivor Holly Ridge, North Carolina Ivy’s Story Always priding myself as a strong mother of two and the wife of a Marine, I thought I had endured all that I could handle after experiencing my husband away on a number of deployments…

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I Prevented Cancer – A Previvor Story

A few years ago, my cousin Amanda told me she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She was only 34 years old. Young, right? And then she told me her type of colon cancer is hereditary. After my cousin’s diagnosis, her mom (my aunt) got…

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Tara Principali

Meet the One Million Strong- Tara Principali from Illinois

Meet Tara Tara Principali, Patient/Survivor Chicago, Illinois Tara’s Story As a 30-year-old woman in the best shape of her life and competing in bodybuilding shows, getting the call from my GI specialist telling me I had rectal cancer was a show stopper. I had already gone…

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Danielle Boggs

Meet the One Million Strong- Danielle Boggs from Florida

Meet Danielle Danielle Boggs, Patient/Survivor Orlando, Florida Danielle’s Story A few years before I was diagnosed I had blood in my stool. I went to the doctor and he quickly dismissed it, saying that it was probably not a big deal and was just hemorrhoids….

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Meet the One Million Strong- Jacqueline Naville from North Carolina

Meet Jacqueline Jacqueline Naville, Patient/Survivor Charlotte, North Carolina Jacqueline’s Story I was diagnosed with stage III/IV colon cancer at 32. I had no prior symptoms and it presented as appendicitis but was actually was aggressive colon cancer that invaded all of my colon walls and…

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Meet the One Million Strong- Robin Viar from North Carolina

Meet Robin Robin Viar, Patient / Survivor Waxhaw, North Carolina Robin’s Story I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at age 39, Mar. 2012, I had no family history. I immediately had colon surgery (with 24 lymph nodes and ovaries removed as well), completed six…

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Marra Williams

Meet the One Million Strong- Marra Williams from Washington

Meet Marra Marra Williams, Family Member/Friend of Patient Ridgefield, Washington Marra’s Story It was 10 years ago when my best friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was a mom with two very young children at the time. I was her caregiver for the last few…

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