Lee S

Meet the One Million Strong- Lee Stead from Texas

Meet Lee Patient / Survivor Wylie, Texas Lee’s Story In mid-October 2007 I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. After undergoing a long stretch of radiation and chemo, I had a radical life-altering surgery and became an ostomate with a colostomy! Then had another…

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Roger Best

Meet the One Million Strong- Roger Best from Missouri

Meet Roger Patient / Survivor Warrensburg, Missouri Roger’s Story After a colonoscopy in Apr. 2015, the doctor informed me I had two large masses in my colon, and he felt confident at least one was cancerous. This was a bit surprising for me, since I…

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Trish Lannon

Meet the One Million Strong- Trish Lannon from Maryland

Meet Trish Patient / Survivor Elkridge, Mayland Trish’s Story In March 2007, I rushed to the ER with what I thought was appendicitis, then to find out I was missing 2/3 of my blood volume. After five blood transfusions over a 24-hour time period, I…

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Dylan Skeean

Meet the One Million Strong- Dylan Skeean from Massachusetts

Meet Dylan Patient / Survivor Auiburn, Massachusetts Dylan’s Story After several months of stomach aches and fatigue, I had a colonoscopy as my primary doctor recommended. That day changed my life forever; they found a mass in my rectum. Cancer at the age of 44…

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Walter Hickman

Meet the One Million Strong- Walter Hickman from Georgia

Meet Walter Patient / Survivor Atlanta, Georgia Walter’s Story I am a stage II colon cancer survivor that was diagnosed at the tender age of 44. I am a husband and a father of 4. I was having with severe constipation and cramping that prompted…

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Mary Groothuis

Meet the One Million Strong- Mary Groothuis from Minnesota

Meet Mary Patient / Survivor Mankato, Minnesota Mary’s Story After a year of unexpected things happening to my body, I talked to my doctor about the issues. I had my first colonoscopy on Apr. 22, 2016, at the age of 47. The doctor found a mass…

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Carol Hall

Meet the One Million Strong- Carol Hall from Texas

Meet Carol Patient / Survivor Spring, Texas Carol’s Story When I was 42, I went to see my primary care physician because I had some bleeding “down there” that had been going on for a couple of weeks. He thought it was probably nothing, but…

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Jay Sherfey

Meet the One Million Strong- Jay Sherfey from Massachusetts

Meet Jay Patient / Survivor Westboto, Massachusetts Jay’s Story In 2012, I was an active 59-year-old with only a marginal blood pressure problem. Then I found myself wondering why my bowel movements started to look different. Colonoscopies found nothing significant, but something was definitely changing….

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Marsha Baker

Meet the One Million Strong- Marsha Baker from California

Meet Marsha Family Member/Friend of Patient Orange, California Marsha’s Story My father was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in June 2007. After a hard-fought 10-month battle, he passed away at the young age of 56. At the time, my family had no known history…

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Meet the One Million Strong- Katherine Berry from New Mexico

Meet Katherine Patient / Survivor Clovis, New Mexico Katherine’s Story I was humiliated to tell my doctor that I have been noticing blood in my stool. I was embarrassed  when I left his office with a prescription that could solve my problems. Six months down…

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