Michael Flippin

Meet the One Million Strong- Michael Flippin from New Jersey

Meet Michael Patient / Survivor Hopatcong, New Jersey Michael’s Story We all have certain dates that we all remember. For me some of those dates are December 3rd (my birthday), March 23rd (my wife Kim’s birthday) and September 27th (our wedding anniversary). I can now…

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Henry Gray

Meet the One Million Strong- Henry Gray from Missouri

Meet Henry Patient / Survivor St. Louis, Missouri Henry’s Story I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 47 years old. My job went through an insurance change, and the new insurance offered 100 percent coverage if employees participated in a wellness program. I agreed to participate. I…

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Jeffrey McArthur

Meet the One Million Strong- Jeffrey McArthur from Pennsylvania

Meet Jeffrey Patient / Survivor Waldorf, Pennsylvania Jeffrey’s Story In 2015, I started having problems with dizziness. I went to the doctor and urgent care several times. One night, I got up and could not take more than three steps without becoming terribly dizzy, so…

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John Martian

Meet the One Million Strong- John Martin from Arkansas

Meet John Patient / Survivor Fort Smith, Arkansas John’s Story I found out early in life I was lactose intolerant by a GI doctor, who performed a colonoscopy in my 20s. Fast-forward to my 40s, I still had minor stomach issues. I am also hydrocephalic,…

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Barry Keippel

Meet the One Million Strong- Barry Keippel from Wisconsin

Meet Barry Patient / Survivor Ashford, Wisconsin Barry’s Story Dec. 2014, I was experiencing severe gas issues and uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom. I literally had to freeze in place and tighten my backside muscles until the feeling passed, and was able to head…

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Susan Caulfield

Meet the One Million Strong- Susan Caulfield from Massachusetts

Meet Susan Family Member/Friend of Patient Cambridge, Massachusetts Susan’s Story The three of us (myself and my two sons) just attended Call-On Congress for the fourth time, to carry on the work of my late husband (and Ben & Andy’s dad) Randall Cox. Randy was the…

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Meet the One Million Strong- Jane Hutchko from North Carolina

Meet Jane Patient / Survivor Charlotte, North Carolina Jane’s Story I was sick for a while but went undiagnosed because of age, gender and no family history. In 2004, at age 34, I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer. I completed 25 rounds of…

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Elizabeth Dennis

Meet the One Million Strong- Elizabeth Dennis from Arizona

Meet Elizabeth Patient / Survivor Tempe, Arizona Elizabeth’s Story My name is Liz Dennis and I am a 10+ year survivor of stage III rectal cancer. I was diagnosed in May 2006. I also have a permanent colostomy named Rose! My paternal grandmother, uncle and…

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Angela Nicholas

Meet the One Million Strong- Angela Nicholas from Pennsylvania

Meet Angela Caregiver North Wales, Pennsylvania Angela’s Story After just two weeks of symptoms, my husband John was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer November 1, 2013. He was 45 years old at the time. Since then, he has had over 30 chemo treatments, four surgeries,…

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