Ben White, MPP

Responsable de Política Sanitaria

Ben White

Ben White joined Fight Colorectal Cancer as the Health Policy Manager in June 2024. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA with double majors in Political Science and Communications Studies; a master’s degree in Public Policy from the George Washington University; and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Policy at GW.

Ben began his career as a Naval Aviator, flying helicopters for the U.S. Navy, but at age 26, a stage III colon cancer diagnosis set his life and career in a new direction. Following his medical separation from the Navy, Ben moved to Washington, D.C., and has since worked for several nonprofits in the cancer and broader health-policy spaces.

Ben was first introduced to Fight CRC through the Colon Club, and he attended his first Call on Congress in 2019. The Fight CRC mission, which lies at the intersection of research and policy, deeply aligns with Ben’s personal and professional interests, and he spent several years volunteering with Fight CRC as a Call on Congress Mentor and as a Research Advocate before joining the team full time.

Ben is based in Alexandria, Virginia, and in his free time, he enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time outside with his wife and dogs.