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Kristi Rhoden

Paciente/superviviente Cáncer de colon en estadio IV Texas
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I had been having left side pain, and I thought it was ovarian cyst.

I advocated for myself for 2.5 years. Finally, one gyno listened to me and referred me to a GI. I got a colonoscopy that week. I woke to the news, and then it was confirmed through a phone call while I was at a friends house with my husband.

I was in complete shock and thought the worst instantly. I cried and cried while my husband held me and prayed for us.

Mi tratamientos have included chemotherapy, surgery, HIPEC, and a hysterectomy.

Do not be afraid to go to the doctor, and never stop telling your symptoms and concerns. Demand a screening!

It’s hard to give encouraging words because I’m at a point where I’m still really scared and in pain. One thing I can say is lean on your family and friends when you need to.

My husband holds my hand every step of the way. For me personally, listening to music really helps my mood. Also, I always try to look forward not dwell on the past. Praying has always helped me as well.

Something all members of Congress need to know about colorectal cancer patients’ needs is that we definitely need to be heard and believed! Screening needs to start sooner: between 35-40!