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Madeline Moore

Paciente/superviviente Cáncer de recto en estadio II Oregón
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I had been so tired. I thought it was my hormones and went in for some testing.

It was determined that due to my level of anemia, I had a slow bleed and had to get that checked out immediately.

Fast forward a month: I was more tired.

I had initial test results that with my elevated white blood cells I knew there was something serious.

I was able to get in for a colonoscopia and endoscopy and woke up the doctor telling my dear friend Allison and I that I had a very large tumor, likely had Lynch syndrome, and I had a CT scan scheduled for that afternoon.

My gastroenterologist is amazing and ensured that I was getting immediate care.

I was scared but so relieved to finally have an answer why I couldn’t get off the couch, why I was out of breath walking up stairs, and why I had no desire to live my crazy, amazing life.

My advice to someone who may be afraid to seek out medical advice or a colorectal cancer screening is to just get it done. Your life is worth the simple testing.

Your life is worth living: Simple tests and gaining knowledge is the key to the best life. Helping educate others is saving lives.

I was given a gift of life, and sharing my story and resources has saved lives. Don’t be ashamed of the diagnosis, and share, because you don’t know who you will help!

Something I wish members of Congress knew is that we have to lower the insurance coverage for a colonoscopy to 25. The stats show it, and there should be no reason someone should be denied a colonoscopy.

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