Path to a Cure Think Tank

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is proud to present the first annual Path to a Cure Think Tank, chaired by Dr. Scott Kopetz, on December 3, 2021, from 8am to 4pm.

What is the problem?

We need to see progress toward a cure for colorectal cancer patients. The goal of the Path to a Cure Think Tank is to convene and mobilize a multidisciplinary group of colorectal cancer thought leaders who will identify priorities and innovative research ideas to advance science and influence policymakers.
This year’s Think Tank will focus on how we can advance treatment options for stage III and stage IV CRC patients to include the challenges faced by early-age onset patients.
  • What are the key barriers to clinical trials? How can we navigate around those?
  • What are the best investments for making breakthrough advancements?
  • What is your radically unique idea for curing CRC?
  • What are the partnerships we need to further cultivate to achieve our goals?

What will the impact of this meeting be?

The Path to a Cure report is our plan to advance colorectal cancer research from prevention, to treatment, through survivorship. This report summarizes the collective expertise of more than 30 healthcare leaders, scientists, and patients. We list concrete objectives and outline key areas where we need to take risks to discover new ideas and approaches. No single person or organization can cure this disease alone; the Think Tank will help accelerate our collective learning and make concrete progress toward a cure for colorectal cancer.

Who is funding this?

This Think Tank is privately sponsored by Fight CRC. The attendee list has been curated to push us to discuss "wall-breaking” ideas in CRC research. The experts invited to this year’s Think Tank were selected based on their research portfolio, expertise, and their relentless efforts to find a cure.