Become a Fight CRC Ambassador

Fight CRC Ambassadors are a dedicated group of colorectal cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and family members who push for better policies, research, education, and support for all those touched by this disease.


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Use Your Experience as a Cancer Survivor or Caregiver to Change Lives

By giving hope to and empowering those who have been diagnosed.

By encouraging people with concerning symptoms to talk to their doctor even though they may be embarrassed.

By educating your local community on the reality of colorectal cancer and the importance of being screened.

By advocating for impactful change that will bring us closer to a world without colorectal cancer.

Being a Fight CRC Ambassador

Fight CRC Ambassadors give one year of their time to Fight CRC, exclusively. They have a passion for using their story to raise awareness but also aspire to go on to be active in Fight CRC legislative or research advocacy. 

What else is expected of Fight CRC Ambassadors?

  • Attend Virtual Ambassador Training Sessions in June 2020.
  • Be comfortable telling your survivor or caregiver story.
  • Exclusively represent Fight CRC on social media and the local media (as opportunities arise) for one full year.
  • Participate in our 2020 Climb for a Cure program.
  • Attend the 15th Annual Call-on Congress in March 2021.

Ambassador Mentorship Committee

The Ambassador Committee is made up three past ambassadors who are passionate about the continued success of the ambassador program. The Ambassador Committee (known as the ARM) serve a 1-year term in which they actively review all incoming ambassador applications, work directly with the Fight CRC team in the planning of ambassador program events, and most importantly, serve as mentors to the new ambassadors throughout the year.


Questions about the Program? Want to speak with someone who's walked through it? The ARMS are here to help!

Your Ambassador Story Matters

Ambassadors are people just like you who make real change by telling their stories. Two examples are featured below.

Ronnie’s Story


“I deeply regretted not getting screened years earlier.”

I turned down a colonoscopy for years. Like most men, I just didn’t want to do it. I kept putting it off. Little did I know how grave my decision would be.

One day, I had an MRI after docs thought I herniated a disc in my lower back. Two days later after attending a funeral for a fellow police officer who was killed in the line of duty, the phone rang. Expecting a follow-up call from a bone doctor, I was shocked when a gastroenterologist was on the line. The MRI and a subsequent colonoscopy revealed stage IIIb colorectal cancer.

After radiation, chemo, and extensive surgery which removed my lower colon and rectum, I was finally cancer free. But I deeply regretted not getting screened years earlier.

I learned that colorectal cancer is 90% curable IF it’s caught early! My surgeon recommended the Fight CRC Ambassador program because I didn’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through.

I’ve spent 20 years serving my country in the U.S. Air Force. Then 17 years protecting my community as a police officer. Now, I’m sharing my cancer story and saving lives as a Fight CRC Ambassador.

Amanda’s Story

“My friend urged me to get screened – even though I was only 34 years old.”

When my best friend lost her husband to colon cancer, she lost the love of her life. And their three young children lost their father, all in an instant. The impact colon cancer had on her family was devastating.

While her husband was fighting cancer, she urged me to get screened – even though I was only 34 years old. Soon, a colonoscopy revealed distressing news: I had stage II colon cancer.

What I thought would never happen to me and my family came true. But that was just the beginning. After a doctor recommended that both my parents get screened, my 60-year old mother, who never had a colonoscopy, was also diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctors also recommended that my children have their DNA tested at age 18 and get colonoscopies at age 24.

My friend, who lost her husband to colon cancer, saved my life, and the lives of my family! My debt of gratitude to her and my overwhelming sense of appreciation drives me to help prevent untimely deaths from colorectal cancer. My role as a Fight CRC ambassador helps me achieve that mission.

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