Are you looking for an easy way to show why your community fights? Get your local mini-mart, clothing boutique, grocery store or local businesses involved in the fight against colorectal cancer! Here is a simple, easy way!

5 Steps to Begin

Step 1

Select A Business. Think of a company where you already have a connection. Nothing come to mind? That’s fine! Look for one you feel would be open to a fundraiser like this. Ask if they’d be willing to host “Round It Up!” for a certain period of time (1 week, 1 month, etc). It might just take you asking and suggesting the idea!

Helpful Tips

  • Try to speak with a manager or owner in person. This will be helpful in describing how easy the process is! If the manager or owner is unavailable, leave the fact sheet with another worker and check in again later. Persistence is key!
  • Be prepared to share what Fight CRC’s mission. Don’t worry! You don’t have to recite the whole thing. Try something like this:

“Hi! I’m advocating for the fight against colorectal cancer. Did you know it’s the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.? Fight CRC is dedicated to spreading awareness about this preventable disease, while also increasing patient education and raising research dollars. Would you be willing to host our “Round It Up” Fundraiser to support us?”

Be specific with your ask. Any timeframe is fine, but it helps to present a precise request. If they pitch a different date, roll with it!

i-fight-for-fundraiser-4x6-cardStep 2

Request a free “Round It Up!” Fundraiser kit. We will send the kit directly to you or the local business. The kit will include:

  • Flyers to post at the register(s)
  • 100 “I Fight For” tear sheets – 4 pads of 25
  • 25 Let’s Save a Life rack cards
  • Donor Envelope

Request More Materials

Step 3

Start the campaign! Shoppers can add any amount ($1, $2, $5) to their bill. The most effective way for the cashier to present the donation opportunity is to simply ask them if they’d like to “Round Up?”

Example: Bill is $4.16
Cashier: “Would you like to round up to an even $5 for the fight against colorectal cancer?”

Step 4

Display and promote! Customers who donate can personalize the “I Fight For” cards included in the kit with a name or a group. We encourage the businesses to publicly display the sheets during the campaign to raise awareness.

Step 5

Once the campaign has ended, the business will make the donation payable to 
Fight Colorectal Cancer. A donor form is included in the kit and can be mailed to:

Fight Colorectal Cancer
Attn: Round It Up! Campaign
134 Park Central Square, Suite 210
Springfield, MO 65806

Tax ID #: 20-2622550

A donation can also be submitted online.