Are you looking for an easy way to show why your community fights? Get your local mini-mart, clothing boutique, grocery store or local businesses involved in the fight against colorectal cancer! Here is a simple, easy way!

5 Steps to Begin

Step 1

Ask a local business if they will participate in a fundraiser for colorectal cancer. It might just take you asking and suggesting the idea! If you’re a local business owner, rally the troops!

i-fight-for-fundraiser-4x6-cardStep 2

Request a free Tear Sheet Fundraiser kit.We will send the kit directly to you or the local business. The kit will include:

  • Flyers to post at the register(s)
  • 150 “I Fight For” tear sheets – 6 pads of 25
  • Colon health information
  • A donation reply form and return envelope

Step 3

Start the campaign! Shoppers donate $1, $2, $5 or an amount of their choice to have added to their bill. It is important to note that each local business or store will need to track sales via a unique bar code or tracking system. Download extra register flyers to print.

Step 4

Display & promote! Customers who buy an “I Fight For” sheet will personalize the sheet with a name or a group of people. We encourage stores to publicly display the sheets during the campaign to raise awareness.

Step 5

Once the campaign has ended, the business will make the donation payable to 
Fight Colorectal Cancer. Your kit will include a return envelope for all unused items that you can send to:

Fight Colorectal Cancer
Attn: Tear Sheet Campaign
134 West Park Central Square, Suite 210
Springfield, MO 65806
Tax ID #: 20-2622550

Thank you for choosing Fight CRC as your charity and getting your community involved in the fight!

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