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  1. Podcast

    Palliative Care with Jean S. Kutner

    Palliative care (pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv) is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. The […]

    Palliative Care

  2. Webinar Header


    Palliative Care 101 Webinar

    In this webinar, Dr. Popp will discuss everything you need to know about palliative care. This is an important webinar for colorectal cancer patients and their loved ones. Watch the […]

    Palliative Care

  3. Webinar Header


    Talking to your kids about colorectal cancer

    In this webinar, Leslie Welch, MS CCLS, Childhood Development Specialist, shares important information and tips on how to talk to your kids about your cancer diagnosis. Topics covered include common […]