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  1. Publication

    Gratitude Journal

    This journal is designed to give you the space to reflect on your story each day. We’ve included a simple, daily prompt to help you get started. Feel free to […]


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    Cancer and Trauma Webinar

    A cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment can be traumatic. An experience with cancer can lead to serious psychological distress that should be addressed. In this webinar, Schuyler Cunningham, Clinical Social […]


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    Compassion Fatigue Webinar

    Are you impacted by someone else’s cancer experience? Maybe it’s a loved one, a friend, or someone you’ve connected with online. If so, you may be familiar with compassion fatigue, […]

    Burnout, Support

  4. Podcast

    Art Therapy Podcast

    Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy which uses the aid of various art modalities (like painting or drawing), to encourage a patient to express themselves. In this month’s Taboo-ty […]


  5. Podcast

    Holiday Blues

    In this month’s Taboo-ty Podcast episode, Sheila Hammer, LCSW, addresses the holiday blues and how they could affect you.

    Mental Health

  6. Webinar Header


    Benefits of Stress Reduction: Mindfulness

    Stress affects most people who are touched by colorectal cancer and it’s important for patients to learn stress reduction techniques. Learning to manage chronic stress can be extremely helpful in coping […]


  7. Podcast


    In this month’s Tabooty Podcast episode, complex GI nurse, Andrea Lee, talks about the benefits mindfulness practices can have on colorectal cancer patients and their loved ones.


  8. Podcast

    Caregiver Burnout

    This podcast discusses caregiver roles, the importance of open communication between caregiver and others and recommendations for how to relieve or avoid caregiver stress.

    Mental Health

  9. Podcast

    It’s OK to Laugh

    This podcast talks with a comedian, author and survivor about giving yourself permission to laugh even when you’re facing cancer.