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  1. Podcast

    Sexual Health

    Sexual health is an important topic for many cancer patients and survivors, and unfortunately, it can often be overlooked by providers. In this podcast, Dr. Sharon Bober, Founding Director of […]

    Sexual Health

  2. Podcast


    In this month’s podcast, we talk about tumor and cell storage. Michel Sadaka, founder of StoreMyTumor, discusses how this process, which is not currently a standard of care, could help […]


  3. Podcast

    Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

    Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy is a common side effect for colon cancer and rectal cancer patients. In this Taboo-ty episode, Dr. Dana Cardinas talks about Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and her experience […]


  4. Podcast

    Biomarkers: CEA, RAS and Circulating Free DNA

    In this Taboo-ty Podcast episode, Dr. Rona Yaeger from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses biomarkers and how they affect colon cancer and rectal cancer patients. She talks about: Sponsored […]


  5. Podcast

    LARS: A Survivor’s Perspective

    Low anterior resection syndrome (LARS) is a group of symptoms, such as fecal incontinence or urgency, frequent or fragmented bowel movements, difficulty emptying your bowels, and increased gas, following low anterior resection of the rectum.


  6. Podcast

    Advocating for Colorectal Cancer Screening

    In this month’s Taboo-ty Podcast, listen in as Fight CRC Ambassador, Alejandro, shares his story. He advocated for tests to find out what was going on with his body, stating “I might be overdoing this, but I don’t want to be a statistic.”


  7. Podcast

    Art Therapy Podcast

    Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy which uses the aid of various art modalities (like painting or drawing), to encourage a patient to express themselves. In this month’s Taboo-ty […]