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  1. Podcast

    Medical Marijuana with Dr. Tim Byers

    Medical Marijuana is a topic of much debate and discussion. We catch up with Dr. Tim Byers about his views on the subject and ask those questions many patients are […]


  2. Podcast

    Medical Marijuana with Paul Rawate

    In this special 4/20 episode of the Tabooty Podcast, advisor to Fight CRC Andi Dwyer discusses medical cannabis, survivorship, and more with stage IV survivor Paul Rawate. “[Medical marijuana] has […]


  3. Webinar Header


    Medical Cannabis and Colorectal Cancer

    There are countless questions when it comes to medical cannabis and colorectal cancer: How can it help? How do you get it? Are there drug interactions with chemo? What are the side effects? Is it legal where I live?


  4. Podcast

    Cannabis Podcast

    Curious about medical cannabis? Dr. Ashley Glode from the University of Colorado explains some basics about medical marijuana in this episode of Taboo-ty.


  5. Fact Sheet

    Integrative Medicine Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet explains complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and integrative medicine highlights approaches and benefits of several approaches, what CRC patients should avoid.


  6. Webinar Header


    Fact or Fad

    This webinar discusses complementary and alternative therapies for colorectal cancer treatment, called integrative medicine.