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  1. Mobile App

    Community of Champions App

    Community of Champions is your gathering place for support, connection, resources, and tips from the colorectal cancer community who understand what you are going through. The free Community of Champions […]


  2. Survivors Hugging


    Your Guide in the Fight Meetups

    Your Guide in the Fight Meetups are an opportunity to connect with people who have been in your shoes. No one fights alone. These meetups also give you a chance […]


  3. Brochure

    Facing a Diagnosis Rack Card

    Diagnosed with Colon Cancer or Rectal Cancer? Receiving the news of a colon cancer or rectal cancer (colorectal) diagnosis is hard, both mentally and emotionally. You will likely have a […]


  4. Webinar Header


    Conversations About End-of-Life

    Anticipating the end of life and making decisions about medical care at this time can be difficult and distressing for people with cancer and their loved ones. However, it is […]


  5. Webinar Header


    Compassion Fatigue Webinar

    Are you impacted by someone else’s cancer experience? Maybe it’s a loved one, a friend, or someone you’ve connected with online. If so, you may be familiar with compassion fatigue, […]

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  6. Webinar Header


    Goals of Care When Cancer is Chronic

    International leader in Palliative Medicine, Dr. Cleary, discusses a variety of unique issues faced by late-stage colorectal cancer patients, including the integration of palliative care, end of life planning, keeping […]