ASCO 2017 Recap

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In our second webinar for the month of June, Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Dustin Deming, a medical oncologist will guide us through his findings. Dr. Deming brings a unique perspective as a researcher, oncologist and colorectal cancer survivor. In this webinar we will dive into the research and explain what it means for those living with colorectal cancer.

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About the Presenter

Dustin Deming, MD

Deming HeadshotDustin Deming, MD, is a gastrointestinal oncologist and colorectal cancer laboratory researcher at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. He has a subspecialty focus in the treatment of colon, rectal and anal cancers.

At the age of 31, he was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, the very disease he is dedicated to treating and advancing therapies for. As both a practitioner, researcher AND patient, he knows first-hand what the cancer journey is like; he aims his research to fundamentally change the way in which we treat gastrointestinal cancers to a more personalized approach.