Clinical Trials Mini Magazine

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Most people have a connection to cancer - either they have been diagnosed, or they have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed. It is clear that cancer touches many lives.

As the world looks towards a future without cancer, people are working hard to learn about the disease; how it works, how to best treat it, how to detect it and how to make those who have it live longer with more comfort. This work is most successful when teams of patients and researchers come together in clinical trials - a necessary step to achieving a world without cancer.

For colorectal cancer, clinical trials provide information on new, innovative ways to tackle the disease. Without them, CRC therapies would not evolve to become better and more reliable. All current therapies used today are a result of clinical trials!

Throughout this mini magazine, you'll encounter tips and stories from a handful of colorectal cancer advocates who have real experiences with clinical trials.

For information on obtaining printed copies for your patients, please request copies through the store or email our Patient Resources team.

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