iCancerHealth App

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This free, easy-to-use app can be downloaded on your computer/laptop, tablet and phone.

With this resource you can:

  • Manage your medications
  • Track & report symptoms to your doctor
  • Share progress reports with your doctor by email or printing them out
  • Reach out and connect with other patients
  • Involve your caretaker(s)
  • Store and share medically relevant information
  • Record changes in your overall health
  • Download and access the latest resources from Fight Colorectal Cancer

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to download and use it:

To Sign up

  1. Click the “Sign up!” button and create a profile (we recommend using your desktop computer)
  2. Download the app “iCancerHealth” from your app store
  3. Enter your login info & you’ll be good to go!

Note: If you directly download the app from the iTunes or Google Play store, enter the affiliation code FIGHTCRC (case sensitive)

If you're a medical professional and want brochures for your office, please email our patient resources team.