Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trial Finder

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Fight Colorectal Cancer's Clinical Trial Finder is a one-stop place to find and learn more about high-impact research studies for CRC patients. The finder is currently showing trials for MSS (microsatellite-stable) and stage IV CRC patients. The list of trials curated here is sourced from the website.

The updated Clinical Trial Finder for Colorectal Cancer Patients is now housed on, making it easier for patients to find and use the tool. Originally created by the late Dr. Tom Marsilje as a curated spreadsheet of clinical trials, the resource allows users to search for trials based on geography, recruitment status, phase, and other factors relevant to trial enrollment. Maia Walker leads the curation of the trial finder.

“Start researching clinical trials as early as possible, at the time of a cancer diagnosis,” said Maia Walker, Lead Curator of the Fight Colorectal Cancer Trial Finder. “Worst myth in the house is 'clinical trials are the last resource.'”

Honoring Dr. Tom Marsilje, the inspiration behind the Clinical Trial Finder

This game-changing tool was the brainchild of Dr. Tom Marsilje, who passed away in 2017 from stage IV colorectal cancer at age 45. Many fellow late-stage CRC patients flocked to him as he became vocal and active with his cancer diagnosis online. He wanted to help. Initially, he shared his personal Excel spreadsheet with his fellow patients, showing them how he was sifting through clinical trial options. Then, he had the vision to enhance the technology and add automation to get the tool out far and wide.

We’re grateful Tom trusted Fight CRC to house this tool. Our research advocates will continue to follow Tom’s logic and keep the curation going for the many more late-stage patients who will turn to this resource for help.

"As a patient, I had no interest in participating in a trial which had both the highest risk of failure as well as limited long-term benefit, even if the experimental therapy worked as designed. I knew that I may only have one shot at a trial, so I wanted to choose that trial wisely and make that potentially single shot count the most!"

- Dr. Tom Marsilje