Physical Therapy and Colorectal Cancer Side Effects

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Physical therapy is a common therapy used for a variety of reasons. You or someone you know may have seen a physical therapist to treat an ankle sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome or rehabilitation following a hip replacement or knee surgery. But did you know that physical therapy is also used to help cancer patients manage side effects?

In this month’s webinar learn all about how physical therapy can assist in the management of colorectal cancer side effects. Alaina Newell, physical therapist, will spend the hour discussing the benefits and misconceptions of this type of treatment.

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About The Presenter

Alaina Newell PPT, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA

Alaina received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA in 2012. She completed her Women’s Health residency at UPMC and joined the team in 2014. She is one of the few Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialists in the Denver Metro.