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The Global Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy Webinar

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The Global Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy recorded webinar provides education for patients, caregivers and patient advocates on how the immune system can be harnessed to fight cancer. The webinar was hosted by an expert in the cancer immunotherapy field and a cancer survivor who was successfully treated with cancer immunotherapy. Translations of the recorded webinar are available in: Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Hindi.

Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy

2019 Patient Course: Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy

This resource is an interactive, self-paced course designed for patients and caregivers that contains information at a patient level about potential cancer treatments (including immunotherapy), how immunotherapy works and the importance of reporting side effects while on immunotherapy. The course also has a lot of great resources, like printable questions for patients to use when talking with healthcare providers and insurance providers, reimbursement resources and patient assistance programs, clinical trials links and resources, and patient and caregiver support group links. This course is free, all a user has to do is log onto the SITC website and register for the course.

Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy – 5th Edition Patient Guide

The Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy – 5th Edition patient guide provides current, medically accurate information for patients and caregivers on available immunotherapy options, the role of the immune system in cancer treatment and what to expect while undergoing treatment. This resource also lists ongoing immunotherapy clinical trials by cancer type as a reference.