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Don Burzen

Patients & Survivors Stage II Colon Cancer Colorado
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Story: "At age 38, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. While the doctors noted it was very strange, as that disease is more typical at much older ages, nobody had any suggestions as to why it happened. I was lucky that the lemon-sized tumor was suspended in my bladder and was noninvasive. It was removed via cystoscopy, and I went on with life.

"Then, at age 45, I had stage II colon cancer. Because of my (again) relatively young age, surgery was followed by a year of weekly chemo 'just in case.' Still (in 1993) there was no thought of a potential genetic cause.

"Years later, my dermatologist suggested genetic testing after he removed a number of skin growths that could be indicative of a genetic mutation. Sure enough, I was found to have Lynch syndrome.”

Advice: “I am still here—almost 30 years after colon cancer—because it was found early enough to effectively treat it.

"Delaying screenings gives the cancer(s) the opportunity to progress to higher stages, where treatment options are fewer and less effective.

"There is no time better to get screened than RIGHT NOW!”

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